Showcase Portfolio

This is my showcase portfolio where I show works that are the best to me in each subjects.

Before starting off, here are my goals. These goals are for my life in middle school.

My first goal is to have sentences make sense because I think I need to improve on my language. The benefits are that I can get more good grades. I’ll achieve my goal by reading more books and getting more knowledge.

My second goal is to figure things out more quickly. Its important because I won’t be able to do anythings so I need to be quick. The benefits are I can do things quick. I’ll achieve my goals by remembering things quick and doing it right now.

My final goal is to be more responsible. Its important because I would have things disorganized. The benefits are I can be organized and not loose things. What I’ll do to achieve my goal is to be efficient and have things organized.

My best works in each subjects:

Here are my best works in each subjects. (Unfortunately nothing for Math and PE)


Here is my self portrait using paint. I expressed my self using different colors. I used different colors to show myself having different emotions.



In English class, we created our podcast which we summarized the story of our book we read. After reading our book, we planned out our script for our podcast and recorded it at home. I think this is my best project because I think I was able to lots of effort to it and was able to explain the book I read in words that make sense so I think I`m very confident in what I did.




For our 2nd last unit for science class this year, we were assigned to do any experiment we want to do. We had options of working in groups, partners or alone. I worked by myself. I did an experiment called balloon blow up (Actually not blowing it up but expanding it sort of) which I put vinegar in a 500ml bottle and baking soda in the balloon and then inside the bottle and making the balloon expand. We were also assigned to make an Aim, Hypothesis, Equipment, Method, Results, Conclusion and evaluation. If you want to know more about the experiment here is my google presentation about it. I think I was able to work very hard in this project. First, I was unhappy with working alone. I wanted to work as a group but unfortunately I couldn`t. I thought I won`t be able to bring ideas up when I thought of this experiment. I was able focus on it and work independently. I was able to get things done on time and I put lots of effort to it so I`m confident in what I did.



In Technology class, we created tutorials. We chose something we are good at and made a tutorial about it. Our main focus was “How can you make a good tutorial?” and “What things are needed to make that?” We planned our tutorials by making storyboards and writing reflections about what we have learnt in that step. We have 4 steps in Technology class. Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate. We need to do these steps to do any project we do in Technology class. After making our tutorials, overall I think I did great but could have improved more on being a bit more specific in each step I do.

And here is my tutorial on How to do a vibrato on a violin. Hope you enjoy!



In Japanese class, we made something called Denki. A Denki is a biography about a famous person. I did a Denki about a famous violinist called Taro Hakase. He is famous for performing with Celine Dion several times. His violin performances make people very bright and also has a huge impact. I play violin and this is my 7th year. I wish I could be like him. I think I did good in my Denki because I was able o explain about him specifically. Here is a link to my Japanese Denki. Unfortunately the ones who don`t understand Japanese my apologizes but this is to show it would look like.

Taro Hakase Denki 



In Drama class, we analyzed a very famous singer and actor Gene Kelly`s video “Singing in the rain”. We explained about the props he uses in the video and his actions, movement and expression. I think I was able to analyze it specifically. Here is the link to that blog post about “Singing in the rain”.

“Singing in the Rain”



In music class, we recorded our instrument performances. We all had a instrument that we can play and we performed any piece we can play. I performed a violin piece called Jounetsu Tairiku by Taro Hakase which I have already mentioned about him. I think I performed very well. I added some beats to it since that piece is known as a Japanese Rock Song. I enjoyed it a lot!



In Spanish class, we made a comic book with people communicating with each other in Spanish. We learned different things such as “How are you?” “Whats your name?” “Where are you from?” and others here is how it looks like.


In conclusion, these are all the things that I have done well in each subject. Overall, I think I put lots of effort in everything I did. I think I was able to be focused on task and creative meaning by bringing up lots of ideas and explaining them.(Expect for Art.) I would like to keep up all the great work I have been doing out this year and proceed to the next year.


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