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During this 6 weeks, we worked on 3 topics. 1 is Brainstorming. We made a brainstorming by using a software.  Software is called “inspiration”. I had tons of ideas. So my brain storming became AMAZING! 2nd one is Blog research. Blog research was an activity of us looking at other people’s blog and comment about how their blog is good. The 3rd one is,  word press. Word press was an activity about us researching about, “managing his widgets, managing menus…etc.” These thing was very important for making a BLOG. So I learned that learning basics are very important.


When I did my blog research I thought if we do it, we know how to make our blog look more good. Well, I looked at many people’s blog. Their blog was all AWESOME. Then I choosed my favorite blog and thought, “How can I make my blog look like hers? How can I catch the reader’s attention?” So now, I need to think what would other people think when THEY see my blog. From that I thought blog research was really important. Also I think planning things is most important thing! For planning, we made a brain storm. So, whenever I don’t have any ideas to write, I could look at my brainstorm and check any ideas that I could use 🙂 Well, I learned many things so now I can do my BLOG proudly. 

The most three important criteria is, organized, safety, simple. Now, I’ll explain why I chosen these 3. Well, I chose safety because, if you write your personal information like, where you live, your phone number, your family name, anyone could see that! Because you’re writing on the BLOG! Anyone could see. So if everyone knows your adress. And that means that everyone can go to your house! And we don’t want strangers come to our house! Next, I’ll explain why I chose organization. If you didn’t organize your blog, your post will be everywhere and it’ll be more harder to look at your POST. If you organize your blog, it will be easy to understand, and it’ll look more nicer & prettier. And also reader will know where things are and it’ll be easier for the reader to find what they wants to see. Well now, I’ll explain about why I chose SIMPLE. I chose SIMPLE because, if you write your text in bright YELLOW, it’ll be really hard to read. Well, if you make your writing BLACK, brown, dark orange, red, dark green, it’ll be more easier to read and it’ll stand out. And it’ll make the reader more easier to read 🙂  And also if it was too complicated people won’t know where things belong to. So, if your blog wasn’t complicated, didn’t write your personal information, and if it was organized your blog will be PERFECT 🙂

 When you want to check, you can be careful at these things. For example, safety. For safety, you think to your self that if you can say this to the class. And think that if you can share it to everyone. Because you can’t share your adress and phone number etc.. to EVERYONE. If you can, it’s safe and not causing anyone hurt. And if you want check your grammar, you can show it to your friends who’s really good at grammar. 

In conclusion I think I did my BEST JOB on my work. Because I was really proud of my brainstorming. My brainstorming was big, full of great ideas, and also it was really organized. First, I wasn’t really proud of my BLOG RESEARCH. But when I add some details, and many other things, it became more good. For next unit I want to learn about how technology can work in whole world. Like what site is most useful, etc. And also I really want to learn about how can technology effects people’s life. Well, I learned what could we do on our blog. And I really learned that planning is very important is EVERY SINGLE THING! And slowly, I’m getting used to technology & typing 🙂


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  1. Kim Cofino at |

    Great job Ayaka! I’m so impressed with how much you have learned in this part of our project! You have highlighted three really important criteria to remember as you create your blog. If you keep those in mind as you post, and as you redesign your blog, it will be just as amazing as the other blogs you visited! Keep up the great work!

  2. Sid Kid at |

    I did the same thing in my school. We made a design map! If you want to see it you can go to my blog at see you there! (mabey?)


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