Creating blog design: reflection :)

Finally, our blog is starting to look like what we want to make it into. And so I’d like to write a reflection about my what I liked about my design and what I didn’t really liked about my design, and what I am proud of my BLOG. 

For my blog design, I think I did a good job on it. Well, my favorite color is black and blue.. And so, I wanted my blog background to be black or blue 🙂 The design looks like 3D and that makes it look more cooler and more creative. I like creative stuff 😀 So I like my blog design. Well, there was some part that I didn’t really liked about my blog design. Because there was some design that can’t be designed in computer. So some part of the design, I didn’t really liked it…

What I am proud of my BLOG is, that the background is black and the header picture. I like converse and it’s my favorite kind of shoes. And we also made our blog organized. Also I like simple theme. Because if it’s simple background you won’t get distracted by the background. That’s one reason that I made my blog theme simple. Well the part that I still need to improve on my blog is to make it more interesting that many people visits my BLOG 🙂 So I need to change the design to make it more interesting. 

This is the photo of my blog’s page and categories.  We made categories and pages to make it more organized and to make it more easier to find. 

I think we still need to prove, and learn techniques that we can use in blog. To make it more unique and original. 

This is the screen shot of one of the widgets. 

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  1. Kim Cofino at |

    Fantastic work Ayaka! I really like your blog design – the header and background really go well together. I enjoyed reading your About Me page – great job adding so many pictures and links! What would you change about this theme? I think it looks great!


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