I’ll recommend you to live in PHILIPPINE ;)

I’ll recommend you to live in PHILIPPINE 😉

Philippine have many delicious fruits. Like Mango, etc. And, Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the WORLD. This country is well known for it’s popular tourism spots and it’s varied culture stemming from occupation of several different nations over the centuries. But it is also a land of rich natural resources that help sustain the nation and make it an important economy in the region. Also, there is many festivals in Philippine. One of the festival is called, Panagbenga Festival. People dances in flower costume. It’s a festival about flowers. 

If you want to live in Philippine, you need to be care-ful of ROBBER. Because in philippine there is many robber. So people who is living in philippine have a lot of Security in the houses for robber to not go in the houses. Some people uses “Wireless Home Security Alarm System” This protects the house and when robber tries to come in this alarm rings. 

Well, philippine is a good country. So I’ll recommend you to live in Philippine. 
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  1. Amane Aoyama at |

    OMG thanks for choosing my country 🙂
    It’s really true that Philippines is really a good place!
    and it’s also true that there is lots of robbers (- -;)…
    Oh and not all people have Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems in there houses because Philippine is pretty poor.. I think only rich people have those things for protecting there home.


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