My 2 favorite tutorial videos :D

In technology class we needed to find our favorite tutorial on the internet. And add a new post on your blog and write about that. Ummm… so… My 3 favorite tutorial is…

1. How to write words in bubble letter!

The reason why this tutorial is my favorite:

 I liked how he explained about the materials that he’ll use first. I liked how he measured to make it exactly what he wanted the word to be like. I think he explained in a very simple way. Well, from this tutorial I learned how to write my name using those kind of bubble letters.  😀



The reason why I like this tutorial: 

It was explained easily by this man drawing and telling what to do in same time. I think it was explained easily by this man drawing and telling what to do in same time. Also, he drew it slowly so that drawers can catch up with him. It was done by step by step. Well, I learned where to put the shadings when you draw these retro tv.  I also learned how to draw cube shape. (retro tv version’s cube)


3. How to make and Onigiri!!!

(Onigiri=rice ball)

The reason why I like this tutorial

She talked clearly and she also talked about how onigiris are called in another country, and how onigiris changed in time. While she was making the onigiri she told many tips 😉 She made the onigiri in a steady pase for the cooks to catch up. Well, I  liked how she explained what every ingredients are about. But the graphics were kind of bad… (sadly) I’m kind of happy because I learned how to make a tuna onigiri and how to say onigiri in HAWAII :))))


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  1. Eileen at |

    Hey, its Eileen
    I so agree with you. What I learned from this tutorial is to make bubble letters and be neat.
    I like the way the creator put materials in the introduction because it helps me what materials I should get. His also very neat, and the quality of this video is clear. He did this video step by step so its easy to understand. I couldn’t really hear him talk in some parts, so maybe he could talk more louder and clear.

  2. HyeWon at |

    I like the your favorite tutorial!!:)
    and second one is a very simper and cute. because he using the Hand Puppet(?) so funny !:D

  3. HyeWon at |

    not simper…simple!!!!!!;;;;

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