comparing my tutorial and my favorite tutorial.

my tutorial and my favorite tutorial 😉

 The differences:

my tutorial were:

  • by presentation,
  • no voice,
  • were not really detailed…

my favorite tutorial were:

  • by recording,
  • using there voice,
  • really detailed.


  • images (visual),
  • done simply,
  • there were some tips,
  • etc. 

My tutorial, were not well explained. Well, maybe not really detailed. Well, I guess if there is a person who don’t know how to make a new document on google drive and went to see my tutorial, I think they’ll think that my tutorial were not really detailed. I think it’s really helpful when you see more tips. And on my favorite tutorial there were many tips and I was glad to hear those tip. From that, I added some tip on my tutorials too 😉 Well, I think my tutorial was simple. Well, some people thinks that simple are a lot more easier to understand.

I would like to learn more about how to record videos with good graphics. That’s because if it wasn’t good graphics like if it was really BLURLY, audience won’t be able to see it. So I want to know more about how to use my camera wisely. 

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