Tutorial investigation Reflection ;)

In thin unit, we are planning to make our OWN tutorial video. I’m planning to make “HOW TO WRITE WORDS IN BUBBLE LETTER.” Well first, we had to look at other people’s and learn about it. 

I looked at some tutorials on youtube. And we needed to put that link on tutorial research. (document) We also wrote about what we thought about that tutorial. What was good, and what was not.


Next, we needed to look at other people’s favorite tutorial and comment on theirs. To learn what they think about THEIR favorite tutorial. I commented on Emily.S, Hana.P, Eileen’s blog. When I saw Eileen’s blog, I learned that I need to speak in a steady pase. Also, I learned that talking about TIPS helps more. 

The differences:


  • by presentation,
  • no voice,
  • were not really detailed…


  • by recording,
  • using there voice,
  • really detailed.


  • images (visual),
  • done simply,
  • there were some tips,
  • etc. 

I think it’s really hard to make a FANTASTIC tutorial after all. Because there are many steps. I need to try my BEST 😀 My tutorial needs to be INTERESTING so that it’ll make the audience enjoy watching my tutorial. Well well, I’m looking forward to make my BEST tutorial 😉


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  1. Kim Cofino at |

    A great start Ayaka! I’m glad you have an idea of what you want your topic to be and how you can make it a great tutorial! It would be good to see here what kinds of things make a great tutorial and why they are important to you.


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