Drama -Partner Scene- Reflection

In this unit, we worked on “making our character.” When we made our character, we needed to consider what your character’s  motivation, stereotype, status,  attitude,  personality are. Also, we needed to decide on our character’s appearance, vocal delivery, relationship groupings, and a background for your character. We prepared and presented our character by performing skit with a partner.

We first researched what was needed in order to make our own character. Our class have discussed and founded out that in order to make our character, we need to decide your character’s motivation, stereotype, status,  attitude,  personality. I have found difficult on expressing your goals in the performance. Because we needed to think about how we should tell throughout the scene in a suitable way. After discussing about the personality, we’ve discussed on physical appearance of the character. For the physical appearance, we needed to decide our character’s age, body shape, height, weight, eye/skin/hair colour, hair length, facial feature, and the dressing. I have learned that by expressing your appearance it gives a certain idea for the viewer to know what the character’s personalities are. For an example, if your character is a boss or a leader type of person, you won’t probably have your body shape bend and small, you will probably have it more open and big, wide, tall.  Then we moved on to discussing our character’s emotional background. When we described our emotional background, we needed to think about our character’s relationships. Such as friends, enemies, lovers, families, strangers, etc. Throughout the group discussion, I think I have listened respectfully towards the other people’s ideas and thoughts. I have shared some of my ideas to the class too. However, I think it’s not enough. I would like to improve on sharing more ideas.

After researching, we started planning and creating our own realistic character. My character’s was an italian chef. My attitude was calm, gently and quiet, my goal was to serve good food to the customers, my personality was nice but a bit hysteric. I expressed my personality and my attitude by talking in a gentle, slow, soft voice. My character’s physical appearance was tall (170cm), thin, white skin, beard shaved, wearing a chef’s outfit, and aged around 40~45. I expressed my character’s physical appearance by making my back straight and trying to make myself look tall. My emotional background was having many students. (my character used to teach people how to cook in the past)

When we have completed our planning, we have finally then moved on to presenting our skit to the class. When we presented our partner scene, we needed to show the status of both characters with one high and the other low, the motivation of each character, and the character’s attitude towards the other. Also our role in the scene and our relationship with other needed to be consistent and not changed. My partner’s (Yuka’s) character was a customer but was also a famous chef that invented french fries. First, in our scene, my status was low because I was the one who was serving the food and I should be respectful to the customer. But towards the end, by me noticing that the customer didn’t enjoy the food, I get hysteric and we start to argue. Throughout the argument,  we both discovers that I used to be the teacher of the customer. So at last, my status gets higher then the customer. I think we did well in our partner scene. I think our role, motivation were clear. Also, our levels were shown and presented clearly and were also changed. However, I think I should have improve on making my facial expression. I could have made my facial expression more serious when we were arguing. Overall, I think our partner skit went successfully.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this unit and I was really happy to learn about expressing our physical appearance, personality, and more. If there is a chance to repeat this unit again, I would contribute more ideas and thoughts throughout the group discussions.

My partner scene ↓

Ayaka Yuka from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


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