Trash in Space

Unfamiliar Words:

  • Meteors- A meteoroid is a small rocky or metallic body travelling through space.
  • Comet- Comets are often referred to as “dirty snowballs.” They are left over from the formation of stars and planets billions of years ago.
  • Vanguard- The vanguard (also called the advance guard) is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force.

This article explains about trash being found in Space. According to this article, the last 55 years, as humans been moving out to space, we have left thousands of pieces of trash that scientists are now concerned. According to NASA, there are currently over 500,000 pieces of trash being found.As you see, that is a lot. It is orbiting the earth at about the speeds of 17,500 miles per hour. The trashes that are found are as small as tiny pieces of paint chipped off of rockets. But it can also be as big as huge satellites and fuel tanks. Scientists realised that if we don’t take any reaction to clean it up, we may all be in danger. Even a trash that is as small as a pencil can effect a rocket traveling at very high speeds. It’s because if all this rotating trash hits the rocket, the rocket and the trash will break into smaller pieces, and it’ll fall back to earth or, the whole item gets out of orbit and fall down. So “US-based Star Technology” are now planning to building a space shuttle to go get the trash. Also the swiss scientists are working on an $11 million USD janitor (cleaner) satellite called Clean Space. Scientists have also found that this ‘trash’ can be re-used for other Space programs.

If this plan goes successful in future, it’ll affect the world environmentally beneficial.Less trash will create a better environment because if you have trashes in Space, there will be trashes bumping into each other and eventually, it’ll break and fall back on earth. From that the forests, the ocean, buildings… all of the places can be damaged by those trashes. However by the “US-based Star Technology”‘s idea/plan, and if it goes successful, we will have less trash. Their ideas are to built a space shuttle to go and collect the trash. It is being designed so that it grabs space trash in a net and pulls it in. Once the trash has been collected, it can either be thrown toward the far away oceans of the South Pacific, and eventually placed on a path so that it burns up during re-entry or, recycled in Space to create raw materials to build future orbiting stations or even satellites. Also, scientists found out that trash that are found can be re-used for Space Programs so by re-using them, it’ll cost cheaper to produce more Space Programs. This is because if these plan works successfully, we can have lesser trash found in space and we won’t need to worry about trashes affecting us.


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