Changing Minds: Changing Worlds – Language for emotional effect and change

Chosen poem that I enjoyed reading: Alone

(author: unknown. This poem is created by another 8th grade student)

The poem “Alone” was addressing the issue of the world’s poverty. This issue is important to address to the world because world’s over half of the population lives under poverty. Poverty can mean no food nor money and no place to live. People can die under poverty because of the starvation and how poor they live.

This poem addresses the issue of poverty by using many sorts of techniques. One of the technique that was used in this poem was personification. For example, “hunger stabs my stomach.” By using the word “stab”, it creates more impact and also it sounds it more harmful. By sounding it more harmful, we’ll feel more guilt and think that we should avoid this problem and help them. Another technique that was used was simile. It showed simile where it was said, “almost like my body was stuck on to my bed.” By saying “body was STUCK”, it sounds more serious and more harmful. Also it makes it sound hopeless. The tone of the poem was dark. The dark tone was created by many negative meaning words such as “weak”, “help.” By using those words, it made the mood of the poem sad. When I was reading this actual poem, I felt sad from hearing many dramatic phrases such as the phrase, “As I deteriorate and go weak.” The image of the weak person was automatically appearing in my head and I felt really sad and felt and thought how painful would that be.

I think these pathos techniques are very effective in order to change the world. I think the power of texts and visual images are huge. Because we often feel interested or sad or painful by looking at certain advertisement or a poem. Advertisement and poem is a very different type of text but I think they both have a lot of power to change the world effectively. Poem can be mean really deep and it can really express the people’s perspective. The advertisement can be spread to the world easier and are easily understandable. I think both text are very effective to change the world’s situation. I think we all should cooperate and be aware of this current issues happening in this world.

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