Responding to “Fault in our Stars.”

You gave me a


within a number of days,

Thank you, I’m grateful.

Now it’s my turn, to give you a




Theme: importance of suffering and to believe in fantasy

Author: John Green

Tone: bright

The book “fault in our stars” by John Green is about a sixteen-year-old cancer patient girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster meeting and falls in love with the seventeen-year-old boy Augustus Waters. Augustus has osteosarcoma and from that, he lost his leg. My created found poem uses a lot of words in this book to express the theme of “the importance of believing fantasy.” I expressed by choosing a sentence that is not really possible. Such as “you gave me a FOREVER within a NUMBER of days.” You can’t really give a forever with the unit of “numbers.” So it is impossible. However, by using a impossible tone, I expressed the theme of believing in fantasy. I thought that creating a found poem was interesting way of analysing the text. This is because you can use the poem techniques that we learned in the previous class and at the same time you can also analyse the book that you have enjoyed.



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