Drama -Persuasive Speech- Reflection

In unit 2, our grade have been learning about “persuasive speech” in drama class. We think about our own persuasive speech topic and present it by doing a 3 minutes speech in front of the class. I think I did well on my eye contacts during the speech. I have made eye contacts with the audience most of the time throughout my speech. I tried to not look at my notes the whole time. Another thing I also thought that it went successful was my voice tone. I think I had an appropriate tone for my specific speech. When I wanted to emphasise some important points, I raised up my voice volume or spoke out loud. When I wanted the audience to think, I paused for a second. However, I think I could have improved on my speech topic structure. I had my 3 good supporting statement for my topic. Though, I got confused during the speech and so, I couldn’t explain it well orally. Also I did’t really demonstrated my perspective on the topic so I think that’s my another point that I could have improved on.

I think that learning about persuasive speech is really important. Persuasive speech can be really useful in your life and in your future. By learning persuasive speech, you will be able to persuade others to understand your point of view. Also, you can make others agree with you.

During this persuasive speech unit, I have also learned how to organise and how to prepare a speech. In order to create an interesting speech, in your introduction you need to have a hook and a overview. The hook needs to be some how interesting to make the audience pulled in. The overview needs to be clear and understandable. For the body paragraph which is the three supporting statement, they need to be well developed and explained. In your conclusion, you need to have a brief summary where you restated the main focus and your three supporting points. In your closing statement, you need to have a strong impression on the audience to make it memorable. It took me for a while to think about a hook and a closing statement. It was really difficult to think about one. I think learning this speech structure is useful because this structure will make your speech a lot better. Also this speech structure is useable in essays to so it can be useful when writing essays. It’s important to be able to present your speech well because you can improve your communication skills. Also you’ll learn a proper language skill and a stronger comprehension of a wide variety of topics. By being able to use strong comprehensions, there will be more chance of you getting more leadership and be supportive and strong by having clear persuasions.


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