HS First Week Reflection

It’s friday and the first week of being a high school 9th grader is approaching to an end. I would like to briefly write a reflection about the first week.

In the first day of being a high school student, I did know what class I’m in but I didn’t now where my class were. So I was super confused with that. However, when I founded out, I was SHOCKED. My class was in the top 4th floor so I needed to go up using the long stairs. That was very exhausting. I met some new students and was very happy. I was surprised about the classes. Most of the classes had different members and different teachers so for the first few days, I was very confused. I asked one of my friend 10 times about which humanities class she was in. I got lost a few times.. Well, the good thing was that by having different members, I got to socialise with many students and being able to remember new student’s name more easily. However, when it came to lunch time, the cafeteria was full with highschoolers and there weren’t many seats left. So for the first day, me and my friends needed to eat outside. Well from the next day, we started to run to the cafeteria to take seats.

I thought that the first week was relaxing.. AND IT WAS. However, we had a art homework on tuesday and it was due on thursday. Well, my strategy of getting my work done on time is to finish 80% of the work in the day that was assigned. I don’t like to leave homework until the last day because then I need to rush through and rushing will make the quality of the homework low. I also use this memo paper to write homework that was assigned with due dates, just not to forget. Adding on, when I do my homework, I want to be focusing so I turn off my SNS to not to procrastinate. I also organise my self by packing up my bag the day before, just not to rush in the morning.

I noticed a lot of difference of the expectation between being in a middle school and being in a high school. First of all, the difference between those two were the timing. The HS lunch time was earlier than the MS lunch time. I wasn’t used to this timing so I wasn’t really hungry for the first day or two. However, the afternoons were really long. We had two double period. However MS had only one double and one single. So I got really in the afternoon during the class. I need to get used to this timing..

Overall, I really enjoyed this first week and I’m looking forward to have a great time through my high school life.

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