HS Semester 1 Goal Setting

It is nearly the end of first two week of being a high schooler. I would like to reflect on my strengths and areas of improvements in order to think about what I need to do or what I have already done.

I would first like to introduce my top 3 strengths.

  1. listening to others well -I always listen to others with a proper body posture and facial expression and whenever I hear other people’s opinion, I first hear and understand their opinion, and then start saying my opinion. I never just reject their opinion.
  2. Staying on task -I think this is basic thing but I think staying on task can be difficult for others. So I would like to say that staying on task is one of my strength. I work productively during the classes and I take my homework and lessons very seriously.
  3. Being organised -I have my schedule book to stay organise with my dates and also, I always pack up my stuff before night for me not to rush the next morning. I never forget or get late to classes or some other plans. I have my homeworks listed on the note pad on both digital and analogue. With the due date. I’ll try to keep up with my top three strength through my year and for ever.

Now, I would like to introduce my top 3 areas of improvements.

  1. Sharing opinions, and communicate more during classes! -This is my goal because during classes, I tend to not really share opinions. I share my opinions at least once a subject but I think this is still less. I would like to improve on this so that I can share more further opinions to everyone. I would like to achieve this goal by sharing my ideas and volunteering opinions during discussion at least 3 times per subject. I think by doing this, I can be more confident with sharing opinions.
  2. Learn the Essay Skills(formats)! -This is my goal because I don’t really understand the essay format even I learned last year. This year, I heard from my english teacher that they are going to be many essay writings in most of the subject. Even in P.E! If I don’t know the format for essay, I think my essays will not make sense and won’t be clear so I would like to ask a english teacher during any free time and learn and remember 100% about the basic formats for essays.
  3. Attend in Service Communities and take ACTION! -This is my goal because last year, I attended my self in a service community group called, “GIN-CAS(global issues network community and service)” but I couldn’t really take action. I think I wasn’t very helpful. So this year, I would like to attend in at least two service group and really take actions. I’m planning to join in the “GIN-CAS environmental group” and “Dragon Council.” I would like to take actions in both school and also outside of school. I would like to take a big action in at least once or twice a semester.

Overall, these were my strengths and goals. I would like to improve my goals and keep up with my strengths in order to make my high school life a best one.

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