GIN environment -Beach Cleanup

On November 15 2015, HS GIN environment and all of the student contributors from the middle and high school have went to beach cleanup in Kamakura, Yuigahama.


I’ve been in charge of the beach cleanup group in HS GIN environment group. Other than me, beach cleanup group consists 3 more people. Emily, Emma, Ayano. We have been communicating well and are sharing ideas about ways on improving the beach and the issues of beaches in Japan.


Ocean is huge. Even there’s many garbages in world wide ocean, we can’t clean them up perfectly. However, we can do something little but can worth a lot. Which is to held a beach cleanup. Me and the beach cleanup group have took leadership to participate the role of being a leader to lead the GIN environment to go to beach cleanup. I felt really nervous since we were the freshman and most of the students in GIN environment group were seniors. First, I felt scared about my opinion being denied by the group. However, when I bravely shared my opinion towards the group, not a single person made a frown. They all nodded saying, “Nice idea. Let’s do this.” Therefore, our group moved on to planning the dates and places. Since we’re in charge of the huge group now, we felt a lot of responsibility. From this, I learned a lot of steps of preparation and how it’s hard to take in action with the big group. We planned to also welcomed students  from middle and high school since we wanted many people to consider the environmental issues and to cooperate as a community to clean the environment. We wanted to have more people feeling fun and interested about helping out the environment. Therefore, I advertised this event all around the school by posting a post about the event on the daily bulletin and also putting up posters all around the school.  (photo: the poster that I made)

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 3.38.01 PM

On the day of the beach cleanup, surprisingly, 22 people have participated. 7 people were not from GIN environment. We successfully have collected garbages that filled up 6 huge plastic bag. It took about 1 hour and everyone were enjoying the event.

Overall, I was glad that everyone came and that everyone cooperated well and have enjoyed. I think it was a wonderful way to spend a weekend and I hope I can lead this beach cleanup event again.


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