Gin Environment -Cemetery Cleanup

“The world is a huge place with huge amounts of problems everywhere that we can not unfortunately fix.” -HS GIN environment

I have been in YIS from 4th grade. I really like the environment of the school so do as outside of the school. I was always thinking really strong in keeping all of the entire world’s environment in good condition however, I know that it is hard. But I shouldn’t just give up. I’m still a person and a person’s change can make a effect, even it’s small. So I decided to join HSGlobal Issues Network (GIN) ENVIRONMENT group to make myself help the community of the local and also of the school. That’s a small  community compared to the world however, it’ll still make a difference that can lead to healthier environment.

In Global Issues Network (GIN) we focus on helping the foreign cemetery right across from our school, This cemetery is an enormous place and especially during fall with all the dead leaves that scatter the area, the cemetery staff needs help to clean. Therefore we as a group go to clean the cemetery twice a month for an hour before school.

I think  it is important because by helping the community by sweeping the leaves, not only are we are helping the community and the cemetery but also the family members and friends that visit their loved ones. I also think that this action is a good opportunity for me to learn how to do these labour work since I often don’t get much chances to sweep.

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