“…Did my heart love till now???” True Beauty in True Love


Juliet looking outside from the balcony after her birthday party.

As it gloriously stands today, Juliet Capulet is a perfectly sweet only daughter of the Capulet family who lives in Verona. Just a couple days ago, Romeo, a young pure man, proposed to Juliet with an unforgettable kiss. Since 13years of her life, Juliet has finally greeted her outstanding partner, followed by her delightful future. (Check out about Romeo HERE)

How are you feeling now, after the proposal from Romeo?

I’m feeling terrifically marvellous. I can bet that I’m the most happiest person in the world in this moment. However, I have actually saw a dream of him proposing to me the night before that day. My cheeks became in red as tomato and I couldn’t stand still in the dream. I felt collapsing when I woke up and noticed that everything was a dream, however  I’m glad and very satisfied that it became true. Thus, I think the dream was a good practice for bb807a494c537cdad17c83417485d86fme since in reality, when Romeo proposed me, my cheeks didn’t turn red as the tomato, well red as strawberry, I guess.

What was your first impression towards Romeo?

My first impression of Romeo was that I thought that he was very kind person and quiet. His gentle eyes and his soft voices soften my heart which made me have the impression of kind towards him.

What is your favourite part of Romeo?

I like every parts about Romeo. I like his face, his use of language, his tone of the voice, and his soft hands to hug me. I like how he really cares about me and how he understands me very well. I also like how he always protects me and his tolerance.

Do you feel satisfied with getting married with Romeo after knowing him for only about 1 day?

Claire-Daves-and-Leonardo-Dicaprio-on-Romeo-and-Juliet-movie-1996I do feel comfortable with getting married with Romeo after knowing him for 1 day since 1 day for me is long.
Even a single night for me is long. I have met many boys but I have truly never experienced love. However by
staying with him for a day I learned whole lot about love and learned many things about him. There might be still things that I don’t know about him but as I live and go along with him, I bet that I will discover little by little about him. Also if I don’t marry now, I will need to marry Paris which I don’t want. I need to hurry my marriage in order for myself to be satisfied.

You are 13 at the moment. Do you have the feeling of being too young to make the decision of marriage with out their parents?2754a368b5fb79aa9432965e8c485b7e

Actually, my other friends are already married or already decided with who they are going to be married with. I think the age of 13 is the average age for marriage or even slower. Some people do say that I’m too young for marriage and too young for experiencing love but I do know what true love is. I felt the true love, when I saw Romeo. I feel we are connected, and similar, and can carry and can solve any issues or problems that we face.

How is your relationship between you and your parents and your nurse? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.18.33 PMI very much like everyone but if I would say who I rely on the most, I would say my nurse. I think I stay with my nurse more than my parents. I could tell any secrets to her. She is always on my side who supports me very well. My parents do love me but they’re very strict. When I resists my father’s order, he gets violent with me. In those cases, my mother is on my father’s side so she doesn’t help me in any worst occasions. It’s pretty crucial.

What was your reaction, when you recognised that Romeo was from Montagues, the rival of your house?

My reaction was… just a shock. I think there aren’t any other words to describe that moment other than “shock.” I was very surprised, shock and felt like I got a huge hit on my stomach. I was really sad and depressed for the moment about him being the person I’m not supposed to fall in love with however, that moment was short and never any longer. When I saw his eyes again, all of the problems and the worst situations in my head disappeared. I felt that I can go over any problems with him. I felt like I can get stronger with him. So I was pretty surprised and shocked and harmed but that was just for that single moment and it didn’t bothered me for long.

What would you do for Romeo?

I can do anything for him if he needs my help. I think he will say the same as well. I can imagine a life without him. He was the one who have brighten my life and if he wasn’t here, there will be no meaning for life. If he Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.16.03 PMdies, who will I talk to? Smile to? I will be lonely. So if Romeo needs my help, in any occasions, whether that’s a help that would requires my heart, I think it’s worth dying.

So is true love worth dying for?

Yes. Love is a wonderful thing. It’s something that every human being needs to find at sometime in their lifetime. Personally, my life have changed after meeting Romeo. If that wonderful love slips through people’s fingers and couldn’t have it back, that person will lose who they were talking to. Sharing love to. Smiling to. Being with. If Romeo dies and if I need to live lonely for the rest of my life, I would rather die and follow Romeo. Living lonely is meaningless.

Thank you for your cooperation Juliet.  I hope the best for you and Romeo.


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