GCD Adventure. Grade 10. Field Study Reflection 2016


View from the mountain during the hike. (photo credits: Erik Hamburger)

Field study is always a great event that we, all students wait for with excitement. Throughout the field study, we experienced and learned a lot of thing. This year, as a grade year student 10, I went to Niigata Hiking trip. During expeditions, I experienced and learned many new skills physically and mentally through activities such as overnight camping, 3 day hiking and more.

If expressing this year’s expedition through key terms, the terms will be leadership, self-reliance, resilience, cooperation/team work. Through the expedition, I have experienced and learned how I need to cope and use these concepts efficiently.


Building Tents in Group (photo credits: Erik Hamburger)

One of the most biggest impact that I have experienced and have made me learn was to become more self-reliant and to have more leadership than we do in usual. On the first day of the hike, we got in groups and even there was 1 teacher and 1 supervisor per group, us, the students needed to navigate ourselves to get to the campsite without getting lost. I thought there was a clear trail that leads us perfectly to the campsite however, I was surprised when I saw the trail that we needed to walk through. It was just a plain bush and covered with mountain rocks. There weren’t any clear road that traces the trail. Therefore, it required us to navigate ourself and decide where to go and to use the map. By navigating by ourselves and getting to the campsite without getting lost, I learned that I am capable of becoming self-reliant and by leading people the right way when my group was not sure about which direction to walk towards to, I was able to learn that I was capable of leadership and how leaders should interact with others. The thing that my group was different from the other group was that we each had a role that we are responsible for(entertainer, psy-kick, lunch crew, leader, back-pusher, etc.) Therefore, each person became important to the group with their role. This strategy of having a role made our hiking trip very successful. Our group was always organised and supportive to each other and we have arrived at the camp site first every time. By successfully hiking in groups with people with different roles made me learn the importance of cooperation and team work and how successful team work leads to a successful result and the importance of respecting each other since we each have a certain personality that helps other. Personality was expressed by the role that we had. Also, from having our own role, I learned to be more responsible for my action. My role was “lunch crew” who prepares lunch for everyone. When cooking, I needed to remember what each people want for their lunch and I needed to be responsible for my action in order to create their ordered lunch and to make them satisfied. I was very happy and glad when my group said that we had the best lunch crew. From this, I learned that even if there is a challenging wall that is facing you, when you overcome the challenge, you will achieve something and will be awarded in some sort of shapes. This will help me in the future because then, I will be able to think positively and work hard whenever there is a challenge facing me. I will be able to work hard and try my best to overcome the challenge to achieve my goal and award.


Rest while the hike. (photo credits: Erik Hamburger)

This year’s expedition taught me a lot of things. I learned about responsibility, self-reliance, and leadership and I think all of these concepts that I have learned will be useful in the future and would have helped me a become better person than before. The expedition really made me feel very accomplished, satisfied, and proud of myself. The emotion that I felt in the moment of accomplishment was really good and that made me realised that I have enjoyed hiking. As soon as I went home and had a talk with my family about the expedition, my parents suggested me to climb Mt. Fuji next Spring. Before going to Niigata, I was never thinking about climbing Mt. Fuji however, weirdly now I’m looking forward climbing Mt. Fuji. Therefore, I feel like this year’s expedition have greatly changed me as a person. As there were a lot of concepts that I have learned from this expedition, I have also realised something very small but very important. When I was hiking, there were a lot of ups and downs, as well as how we do have ups and downs in our life. In life, there are always a moment where good happens and the moment where bad happens. However, during the hike, even there was something that was very difficult for me, when I never gave up and never stopped walking, I reached the end. Therefore, I learned that even there are difficulty and struggles in my life, if I never give up walking, I will be able to reach the goal and will be able to enjoy the life of ups that was waiting for me. Therefore, from this year’s expedition and reflecting on what I have learned, whenever there is a challenge that I need to face, I will always remember the toughness that I have experienced in the hike and that I have never gave up which ended me to reach the goal successfully, to realise every time that “I CAN DO IT.”


Last day. 10th grade Group Photo (photo credits: Edward Lemery)

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