GCD. Wellness. Grade 11 Long-Distance Walking

Because of the assignments and tasks that I get from the school program, I tend to stay at my house for the entire day to finish my work. However, this gets me stressed very easily. Therefore, I decided to go for a long distance walk every Sunday, to force me go out. I want to be able to get used to walking at least 8 km. I want to release my stress and get refreshed. Also, this action allows me to get prepared for hiking, which me and my family will go on the start of the winter. To be able to climb the mountain easily, I want to train myself to be fit.

I usually stay indoors, as my passion is to work on art. However at the same time, I understand the necessity of going out for a walk as breathing the natural air allows me to come up with good ideas for my artwork. I felt really good walking outside, which made me curious to know more about the benefits of walking outside. Through my research, I gained an understanding that walking outside reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, improve balance and muscle strength, and even reduce body fat and stress.

Physical Health

Therefore, knowing that long distance walking benefits me in numerous ways, I decided to walk at least 8km once per week. I faced a lot of difficulties for the first month. It was very tiring as I was not very used to walking long distance. However, as I was going over my limit for the first few times, soon, I got used to it.I noticed that I was stronger by end of the first month, as my leg muscle strength have increased. Additionally, my body temperature increased by 1 degrees, and became 37 degrees, which showed that my metabolism has improved. Therefore, I became physically more fit and healthy by long distance walking. This experience made me learn that I was strong enough to deal with my resilience and learned that I can grow more further and can further challenge myself. I continuously showed commitment and perseverance by strictly following the rules which I have decided, to improve myself further. This made me get more used to long distance walking, and I started enjoy and find easy walking long distance.

Walked 9.29km


Walking Course


Mental Health

Before starting this long distance walking project, I found difficulty in getting inspirations and ideas for my artwork. I got headaches quite frequently from the stress. However, after the walking and getting exposed to the nature, I noticed myself feeling happier and fresh. I was able to come up with good ideas more frequently and think in fresh mind. Additionally, walking outside made myself calm down and feel peace, by being able to reconnect with my natural surroundings to remind myself with the beauty of the environment and the world we live in. This decreased my frequency of the headache and I was able to sleep better.

View during my walking course

Goal Accomplished

One of the goal or outcome that I wanted to achieve from this project was to go on a hike to Mount Mitake in Okutama (Japan) with my mother. The course was about 10 km, and there were many uphills and it was really challenging for me. However, as I was preparing myself by doing the long distance walking, I was able to climb the mountain in a steady pace. All of the practice that I have managed to do on the weekends have surely made me more fit and capable of climbing mountains and hike for long distance. In addition, by climbing the mountain, I identified that my strength was to challenge myself. I was able to take risk and climb a mountain that I was not capable of doing. By taking risk and further challenging myself, I learned that I will be able to experience more and learn about my strength and weaknesses. Moreover, I learned that doing new things will be able to change myself and grow as a person.

View from the Top

Walking on Mountain

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  1. Hillary Hewins at |

    Hi Ayaka! This is a lovely blog post that shows that a lot of thought, care, and reflection went in to your approach to long distance walking. What is especially interesting is that you were able to take a skill that you had worked to develop in your neighborhood, and then apply it in a challenging, real world hiking experience. I hope that you continue this practice of walking as a component of your wellness practice throughout the years. Perhaps invite some friend along on a long walk and see if you all notice the same beneficial stress-reducing experiences.



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