Grade 8

This is my Grade 8 showcase portfolio. I would like to share  how I demonstrated the ATLs. ATL stands for “Approach To learning.” There are five learner profiles in approaches to learning. There are COMMUNICATION, SELF MANAGEMENT, SOCIAL, RESEARCH, THINKING. I would also like to share what I need to improve on, and the goals for next semester.




Spanish: I organised my time schedules and worked effectively in Spanish class. When I had presentations or assessments, I organised my schedules to have my assessments ready before the due date. The most interesting work that I have done was the “Mi viaje” project. In this project, I needed to prepare a presentation about an imaginary trip to a Spanish speaking country. I chose Puerto Rico. This is my slides and script:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.33.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.34.51 PM


Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.30.21 PM

English & Art: I transferred thinking throughout English and Art class. I transferred my knowledge of what I learned in English class to Art class. In english, we focused on “Stereotypes” by reading a book called “Outsiders.” We focused on the techniques of how the author was stereotyping the two gang members in the book. In english I learned that gangs are likely to be stereotyped as tough and not well educated. I have also learned that action of reading and being smart are contradicting the stereotype of gangs.


In art class, we are designing our stereotyped characters.  When we were practicing drawing our characters, we once had a time where we needed to design a strong gang character by exaggerating a stereotype of a gang. When I drew this, I thought back for what I learned in english class. I remembered that I learned that gangs are stereotyped as tough in english class. So I transferred that thinking and made my character look tough and strong to express the stereotype of a gang.



Drama: In drama class, I demonstrated my social skills by cooperating with my groups for the elevator scene. In the scene, we needed to work in groups. We needed to show our each character’s personalities and perspectives through out the story.

Physical Education: In P.E class, I demonstrated my social skills by cooperating with my team in badminton games. In P.E class, we were working on net games. We focused on how to play effectively in badminton. We got in pairs and worked together to do successfully in the final tournament. I cooperated with my partner well by sharing ideas and also by giving tips to each other to improve ourselves. What I liked about this unit was that I was able to learn many new things such as badminton’s doubles serving rules. In the final assessment, we needed to explain the rules. This is the slide that we got. We needed to explain the rules by using this slide.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.51.47 PM

Japanese Music -Koto: In koto class, I demonstrated my social skills by cooperating with my team when performing the music. In koto class, our class worked on a music piece called, “Yume-No-Wa (夢の輪).” It was a very hard and complicated music. I cooperated by playing the piece with others and also by listening carefully to others. This is the part of the music piece that I have worked on before for homework:



Science: In Science class, I demonstrated my research skills by using variety of information literacy. When we were doing our “Stopping Distance” experiment, we actually needed to write our science reports and think about the hypothesis and all sorts before we start our experiment. When I write the set ups and the hypothesis in the report, I first researched about the main topic which was “stopping distance.” By doing this, I will have some idea about the topic before we start.  I used variety of sources including books. I used more than 5 sources which helped me develop my knowledges. This is the diagram of our stopping distance experiment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.57.03 PM

Individual & Societies: In InS class, I demonstrated my research skills by developing my information literacy skills. When I was making my infographic about “economic disparity in New York City”, I needed to research and find out the average house holds, education system, etc.  I compared the two districts in New York City. I compared “Brooklyn” and “Manhattan.” I demonstrated my information literacy skills by looking at different types of sources such as websites, graphs, reports, interviews, etc. This is the link to my infographic:


Japanese: In Japanese class, I demonstrated my research skills by demonstrating my information literacy skills well. In Japanese class, I wrote an essay/speech about wars. Before I started writing my essay, I first researched about Japanese war and how wars affected people and why war started. I demonstrated my information literacy skills by using different types of sources and cites such as books and internets. Also during the research, I always went back and responded to the topic by thinking about my own opinions about war and also about the current information that I was researching.



Math: In math class, I think I still need to work harder on communicating more. During the class discussions, I am usually quiet and not really volunteering ideas. I think I have a good body language communication. I listen to the ones who are speaking well and never over talk others. However, I’m not good at the voice communication. I think I can improve on my communication skills by volunteering at least 2 ideas per class. For example in math class, if the teacher asks for a question, I can work out and if I get the answer, I will raise my hand to speak up the answers.



  1. My goal is to improve on my communication skills. I can improve this by sharing ideas through out group discussions. I can at least share 1 idea per subjects each day. By doing this, I can be more confident with sharing ideas and can improve on my communication skills.
  2. My goal is to improve on my thinking skills. I think I still need to improve on my critical thinking skills because in science class, when I need to write my opinions in reports, it’s not very detailed and very clear. I can improve by thinking more carefully and proof read my works just to see if there are any missing points.
  3. My goal is to improve on my research skills. I think I need to improve this because usually, when I research things, I sometimes rely on internet sites such as wikipedia. I don’t really use other information literacy such as books. I think improving research skills are important because by improving, I can have more wide information and knowledge. I can improve my research skills by using internet and some other literacy other than internet.

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