Unidad 2 Reflexión

  1. Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarize your learning this unit. How the Concept of Beauty Affects Our Lives: in Spanish 
  2.  How you felt during the learning experience and why: I have felt the most comfortable with this unit because I am interested in what we have been learning which has motivated me to study this. I feel as though I have tried my best to study and practiced this at home after classes with my notes and Quizlet. Quizlet Live and other Quizlet activities have definitely helped me throughout this unit with new vocabulary related to beauty, and the different irregulars and uses of subjunctive (UWEIRDOS) 
  3. How what you have learned is relevant to other classes/material you are learning: In Art class, our new unit is on self-image and gender standards, and I can connect this back to what we have learned in Spanish Class: effect of the media on self-esteem and the concept of beauty. 
  4. Make a wordle or mind map of your learning.

Spanish: Unit 1 Reflection

Unit 1 Reflection 

This year in Spanish, I have a variety of strengths and weaknesses in regards to the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, including the unit grammar and vocabulary. My strengths in reading are identifying elements and text types, however, my weaknesses include comprehending and interpreting most text without having to know all the vocabulary in the passage/piece of writing. My strengths in writing include correctly identifying different elements of different text types and integrating them into my writing, however, my weaknesses are using new vocabulary learned from the unit. I definitely need to improve my speaking and listening skills (not many strengths, weaknesses include speaking at a faster pace without any pauses and listening to fast-paced speech)

To promote improvement and growth in my learning and knowledge, I will try to develop a strong work and study ethic by putting time and dedication into studying at home and creating new Quizlet sets after each lesson. (we learn new vocabulary after each lesson) In addition to learning with these Quizlet sets, I will also pronounce it aloud and use it in a sentence to make sure I know how to use it and to allow me to improve my speaking and oral skills.

So far, my first goal for the rest of the semester one is to get back into the overall working mentality and re-attain the habit of persistent studying. My second and final goal for the rest of this semester, which connects to the first goal, is to study old material and make sure that I refresh my memory and remember old vocabulary and conjugation. I only have two goals because I work at a fairly slow pace and the goals that I have set are quite time-consuming (big and difficult goals).

Spanish 10 Goals

Below are a few of the main goals that I intent to focus on for this year in Spanish.

  1. My main priority for this year in Spanish is to review as much as possible to retain the knowledge that I have retrieved from each Spanish lesson. This is a priority because it is often very difficult for me to retain knowledge if I do not study it at home immediately. This includes both vocabulary, expressions and transitions, and verbs from previous units and assessments.
  2. My second goal for this year is to stay organised throughout the whole year. This includes bringing all of my materials to class, remembering to finish my homework or any assigned task and also connects with my first goal in studying and reviewing to retain knowledge from previous lessons.
  3. I would like to become less reliant on my resources and notes when completing tasks. This includes SpanishDict and any other websites that I find myself using very often. This will stop me from depending on these resources if I’m unsure of something meaning that I will ask more questions and take time in studying and reviewing them more often.
  4. My fourth goal is to begin effectively taking notes in class. Transferring the exact same thing on the board to my notes will not help me if I do not understand what it means when looking at it in the future. (future reference) To do this, I could create diagrams, write down examples, draw pictures, etc.

Reflexión: Unidad 3

New Things I Learned This Unit

The first think I learned this unit was the difference between all past tenses and when to use each one (preterite, imperfect, present perfect, past perfect, participles, etc) Another thing I learned this unit was the different to future tenses and how to use them. (conjugation: conditional) The last thing I learn was how to write and use different structures for certain text types (the different structures for different text types)

Questions I Still Have

  • Where and how did storytelling first originate or start? 
  • When should you use present perfect tense?

Things That Went Well During This Unit 

Firstly, I am proud of learning all of the past tenses and their conjugations by using quizlet sets online. I am also proud of the improvement of my writing and comprehension skills during assignments and assessments.

My Goals for the Next Unit

Things I could improve on may include study habits in regards to past information that I have learned. (I need to study previous unit vocabulary or verbs so that I don’t forget it) I would also like to expand my vocabulary by creating new Quizlet sets and studying them every so often.

Spanish Mid Semester Reflection

Three things I am proud of improving in Spanish 2015:

  1. Although I could still improve on this and put a little bit more time into studying at home, I think that my studying habits have definitely improved from before. I have started adding new vocabulary and old vocabulary to a flashcards app and study it at least twice a week. I think that I need to study more often. This doesn’t necessarily have to be more than an hour at home everyday. I can do this by studying on free time like on the train.
  2. Although I had already been good at organising and getting my work in on time, I am still proud of being able to catch up and turn in my work on time, whilst still being able to use my full abilities in my writing.
  3. Lastly, I have definitely improved and mastered the preterite and conditional tense. At first, I wasn’t sure how to use preterite and conditional in the very beginning of the year. I have improved by practicing both tenses with everyday and newly-learned verbs at home and during class activites.

INS Bystanderism

Overall, I think that the main reason why the bystanders did no act to help, was because they were affected by social influence. Another reason was that they just didn’t realise the difference between  sleeping and choking because of the noises he was making. No individual spoke up because of the social cues they were giving one another that “everything would be okay”. Although it is shown that letting their friend pass was their intention, this shows how bystanderism has played a major roll in the death of their friend.