Science Article Analysis – Trash in Space


Our next level technology will be used in space such as space travel and more. However scientist stated that past 55 years, people have been pollinating the space and it might cause problem to Earth and the universe. Which is the pieces from satellites, space ships and etc. These trashes might cause danger no matter the size or the weight. Even the paint from a spaceship can kill people by the speed of 17,500 miles per hour. According to NASA, there are over 500,000 of man made trash orbiting around the Earth. Although most of the pieces burn in the atmosphere. In 1997, a propellant tank from Delta 2 landed in Georgetown. Luckily, the propellant tank fell somewhere there were less people. To avoid those trashes, scientists came out with an idea of making a cleaning robot. This will work by attaching a net to the machine and the robot can rather push it back to Earth safely or push out of the Earth’s orbitation.

3  Vocabulary:

Debris – The pieces that are left after it’s been destroyed or exploded.

Meteors – a piece of rock or metal that travels through space, and makes a bright line in the night sky when it falls down towards the Earth

Propellant – An explosive or for firing bullets or rockets

How Science Is Used In This Article:

In this article, science is used in statistics such as the speed of an object, the amount of trashes are out in space. This is significant because statistics can give people a general idea of trashes are in space. Also it is very accurate such as 17,500 miles per hour.

How This Article Will Affect The World

This article can affect the world by economically and environmentally. The reason is that if the machine collects all the wastes back to earth, scientists can recycle the trash and make a new spaceship or satellites. It will cost less money since it is trash and technically it is cleaning the space. It is an effect of killing two birds with one stone.


Dolasia, Sona. “Trash In Space.” DOGOnews. DOGOnews, 19 Mar. 2012. Web. 08 Dec. 2014.

Comparing levels of Development

Recently, our class have been studying about development and how to measure the development of countries. Also we learned how to divide countries to MEDC & LEDC by looking at different indicators. This time, I looked at 2 countries and compared with many indicators so the county is MEDC or LEDC. 2 countries are Italy and Malaysia. I chose those countries because Italy is in Europe and Malaysia is a part of SouthAsia so the result will have big difference, I think it is easier to observe information. For indicators I will look at population, birth rate and HDI which includes GDP, literacy rate and

Malaysia:  Past 50 years, Malaysia population has decreased by little and the birth rate increased. I can infer that there will be more death rate due to the decreased population. In 1980, HDI for Malaysia is 0.577. In 2013, HDI is 0.733. From 1980 to 2013, HDI increased 0.156 which leads to developed.

Italy:  Italy’s population and birth rate decreased past 50 years. HDI in 2013 is 0.872 which is very high compare to other countries. Also, by the number of HDI, Italy is developed compare to other countries.

Past 50 years, Malaysia increased a lot of population. The result from UN, the birth rate increased 280,000 to 571,000 (1950 ~ 2010) On the other hand, Italy birth rate decreased by 400,000. In 1950, Italy birth rate 911,805. In 2010, the birth rate was 561,944. Compare with both countries,

Overall, both countries develop and in general, Italy is MEDC and Malaysia is NIC.

Reading Response To Hatchet by Gary Paulsen


Past 2 weeks, I’ve been reading a book called Hatchet. Hatchet, a novel by Gary Paulsen, was published in 30th of september 1987. The genre of this book is fictional, also the book won a John Newbery Medal award and the film was released in 1990. This book is mainly set in Canada which the protagonist Brian Robeson, crash land in the middle of Canada forest beside a lake which he aim to land it there to take less damage from trees. Due to the pilot who had a heart attack and passed out. All the supplies were sank in the lake with the bush plane and a pilot who suffered a heart attack. Only thing that Robeson has is a hatchet, where he got it from his mother before he left the airport. The airport was private so hatchet was apparently aloud to bring. He survives the wilderness with his precious hatchet and learns all the surviving techniques throughout days to weeks to months. At the end he survives when he founds out a dice which can send the location. Which he got from the plane that is under the lake to get supplies.

The infer theme is don’t give up. The reason is that Brian kept building up hopes and think wisely to survive. The symbols that can apply to this theme are the hatchet and hamburger. Hatchet symbolise hope because it was a gift from his mother and it gives Brian a hope to survive to meet his mother. Hamburger an another symbol because food, mainly hamburger encouraged Brian to survive. During the survival, he kept thinking about the food how he can have any food when he gets out of the forest.

Overall, the book is very intense. It really makes me get into the novel and I can clearly imagine every single situation in the book. My emotional response was intense. The word that author uses makes it realistic and imaginable.

Fields Studies Reflection

Generally, fields studies was a great chance for me to extend my comfort zone. Through out those five days, there were few challenges and simple activities. The challenge for me was canoeing, the reason is that I am afraid of heights. I had one strategy that really help to enjoy canoeing. The strategy was to enjoy the trill also after the first waterfall, I no longer felt afraid. Which I extend part of my comfort zone, so next time, I would not fear going down waterfalls because I already have experience of going it down. To extend it more, I should try more related activities to canoeing such as bungee jumping, sky diving and diving. I really enjoyed year 8 field studies and I can’t wait until next field studies.


Metals In The News

Recently, we read an article in class about metal and I have to write about “What are current issues and scientific discoveries to do with metals?”, “How will they impact people and our planet?” I read about “Deep-Sea Mud Of Pacific Ocean Abundant In Rare Metals.”


In the article, Nature Geoscientist Yasuhiro Kato and his colleagues found a hotspot of rare-earth metal in the Pacific Ocean. The major rare earth elements and metals that are mined in the ocean are lanthanum and neodymium, and the metal yttrium. The rare-metals are assembled to make Ipads and Kindles. Every year, people demand rare-earth metal about 120,000 tons which is higher than world current annual production in China and that is about 112,000. Recently there are new mines developing around the world such as California, Canada and Australia. Also if the rare-earth metal is continuously mining, there will be big impact to eco-system like clams will extinct and other lifes.


Affect On The World:

Environmentally, it is very harmful for sea creature such as unique worms, clams and other lifes. Also it will damage the ecosystem which is hard to heal back and it will take more than decades to completely heal. On the other hand, economically, it is positive because there will be more electronic device which includes the rare-earth metal will be produced and companies will have a lot incomes.

How Science Is Used In The Article:

The science is used in the article by mentioning the elements and the metals of rare-earth metal. Which is lanthanum and neodymium, and the metal yttrium. It also mentioned the damage of eco-system, if people keep mining rare-earth metal then the reproduction of sea lifes will decrease.


Fluid: a liquid

Accumulate: gradually increase in numbers or amount until there is a large quantity in one place.

Nodule: a small round raised part, especially a small swelling on a plant or someone’s body.


Chan, Juliana. “Deep-Sea Mud Of Pacific Ocean Abundant In Rare Metals.”Asian Scientist Magazine Science Technology and Medicine News Updates From Asia RSS. AsianScientist, 4 July 2011. Web. 29 Sept. 2014.

Metals reflections

So recently, our class had to advertise a transition metal and my transitional metal was copper. So I made many mistakes in the work and those mistakes were very simple but I always forget to fix those. One of them is citing the URLs and Links. I always forget to cite them and I always forget to put them in the alphabetical order. In the future, if I do this again I will focus on many different things and I will improve those mistakes.


-Cite URLs
This is the biggest improvements I need to work on right away because it is really important. I need to cite them to not get copyrighted or the authors won’t get mad at me for not giving credits to them. Also I need to put the MLA in alphabetical order, I don’t really understand the point of putting it in alphabetical order.

I think I need to improve on putting details to my work because if I don’t have enough details, I will get bad grades.

-Use more scientific vocabulary
I think this is important as well because using scientific vocabulary can help me adding more details which connects to adding details. Also using scientific word can make the work easier to describe.


Stereotypes & Characters

What is a stereotype?

The definition of stereotype is a oversimplified image or an idea of a particular person or thing. Basically that means an idea that pops in your head immediately by hearing a word. For example, if I say “girls are bad at driving”, that is a stereotype because people have common image or a common idea that girls are bad at driving. I think stereotype can offend people sometimes because it is an common idea that people know and people might be opposite from the stereotype.

When is stereotype useful?

I think Stereotype can be useful to understand the characters in kids’ movies because, kids need to know what kind of character it is rather than the details. For example, if a character is evil looking because the face is dark with low tone voice that is a stereotype of evil. Also kids don’t need to know all the details like background stories.

Why can’t people judge by book cover?

People can’t judge a book by it’s cover because people won’t know what’s the story is about. In these days, authors use a catchy title than the title that is about the book. Also they are trying to make the title short so people can remember that book easily. Well sometimes people can tell it is a good book by an award on the cover.


In tutor class, we had to make a smart goal and a collage.

S: By the end of the year, I hope I improve my english by getting good grades in English. I don’t have enough confidence but I have enough aim and steps to reach the goal. I am focusing on english grades because when my english gets better, other subjects will improve as well.


M: I think this is a measurable goal because I can prove it by looking at my grades from english.


A: To achieve this goal, I need to have enough confidence and effort. I have to concentrate in class and study for tests. Also I have to read many english books or newspapers and try to do my best for home-learning


R: I think my goal is relevant to get good reports in the future, so I will keep trying hard in other places to get good reports such as in college, work and etc.


T: This goal has a deadline and that is until the end of the year. Also this goal can be reused in different subjects and I can add more challenge into it.


Hopefully, I can achieve this goal before the deadline.


7c EAL Minecraft Reflection

Since few weeks, we have been working on a project with a sandbox game called Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that young kids like to play and it is basically surviving in the pixilated world with mobs and creatures. Also we made a project called escape the house which you have to find items in the house and escape it. The goal of our project is to help non-english speakers to learn english with instructions in the game.

I was in a group of 3 with Sophie and Ryouko. Our teamwork was awesome that we didn’t have any arguments and it went smooth. Our role was to make houses. So I made Bathroom and Bedroom, Sophie made Kitchen and she worked on the floor and the walls and Ryouko worked on the living room and the spawning room. Also I worked on the command blocks and systems.

During the project, we had to face few challenges. Sometimes the roles weren’t fair that our group had arguments. Also sometimes our teammates have less experience with using mincraft so it was quit challenging to teach non-minecraft players.

I give suggestions to my teammates how my group can improve such as design, functions and background story. Our group listens to the suggestion and also give feed backs to other teammate and we accepted it without having arguments or having own strong opinion of doing something.

Next time we can do a storyboard or a plan that will make the steps clearer. During the unit, we had to plan but the plans weren’t that helpful to build or construct. Also next time people can practice how to use minecraft first so they won’t have any troubles when they face any challenges.

My plan to share this minecraft world is by sending a survey with the ip address and let people try the escape the house. Also by sending the survey, I can ask them questions .

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.26.58 PM

Nobody Knows – Shelly Tanaka

In this unit, we had to look fiction over fact by looking fictional book with some facts in it. Our group, we read a book called nobody knows and the context of this book is 4 children have to survive in the city without there parents. Parents divorced and siblings are different. Also the children are young to handle big situations such as getting money. Our unit question was “How it fiction over fact better?” Our group generally thought fiction over fact is better on this book based on the emotion. We looked at 4 different aspects of this book which are character, perspective, message and the real story. The end of the unit we had to make a presentation and present in class.

In the presentation, I looked at one aspect of the book and it is very powerful which is perspective. Perspective was based on the children and it was very emotional in the book. I compared having perspective and not having perspective also I looked at having perspective in fictional book and in factional book.

In conclusion, I think fiction is better over because facts get boring and when readers lose interest, the information or the context won’t remember for long time. Also there are facts in fictional books that it will give readers information with emotion.