French Chapitre 6 Mise en Train


  1. Where did Céline and her friends go for the day?
    Celine et ses amis sont allé ou le chateaux de Chenonceau.
  2. How did they get there?
    Ils ont pris le bus.
  3. How did they find out about the history of the château?
    Céline a un guide avec beaucoup d’information sur la chateau.
  4. What did they do at the château?
    Ils ont vu autour dans le chateau, et Ils ont cherché Hector qui est disparaitre
  5. What happens at the end of the story?
    Ils ont trouvé Hector.

2. Qui?

  1. n’est pas allé au château?
  2. a visité le château?
    Céline, Hector et Virginie.
  3. a trouvé Chenonceau magnifique
  4. a lu le guide du château?
  5. a dit qu’il y a des gens qui disparaissent?
  6. a disparu?
  7. a cherché Hector partout?
    Céline et Virginie


Ce week-end, je suis allée visiter le château de Chenonceau. C’était magnifique! On a acheté les billets à la gare et le car à 8h10. On est parti à Chenonceaux à 8h55. On est allés directement louer des vélos. J’ai lu mon guide du château à haute voix, mais Hector n’écoutait pas. Il nous a dit que des gens disparaissent dans les châteaux, mais je ne l’ai pas cru. Après la visite guidée du château, on a remarque qu’Hector plus là! On l’a cherché partout, mais il avait disparu sans laisser de traces! La suite au prochain numéro…


  1. ask for an opinion?
  2. express enthusiasm? C’est Magnifique.
  3. express disbelief? Je ne te crois pas.


A ton avis, qu’est-ce qui est arrivé à Hector? Qu’est-ce que tu ferais à la place de Céline et de Virginie?

Hector ont travaille un prank, a mon avis Céline et Virginie pourrait laisser.


Grade 10 Expeditions

What did you learn?

I learned that it is important that there are multiple roles in the group so that everyone is responsible for something. Responsibility can be one of the hardest things to deal with on an adventure, therefore if everyone has a responsibility it isn’t as hard on one person.

I learned about the impact we as hikers and adventurers can have on nature. This really hit me when David, our hike guide, told us about the poop bags that we would need to use had we needed to. There were no toilets on our way from campsite to campsite and he told us about his unpleasant confrontation with human poop on the trail.

What did you get out of this experience?

The overall hike helped me to bond with the people that I hiked with and getting to know them better. Through this process I learned how to be a better collaborator and work in teams. There was one moment that we forgot to check if everyone was ready to leave and we ended up having to go back up a mountain to pick up the part of our team that had stayed behind. This also helped me realise that everyone has a different pace, and that everyone has to make sacrifices in order to make the experience better for everyone.

How does it connect with things you already knew (about the wilderness or anything else)?

I have a lot of experience in camping, so I know how to set up a tent. I also have some experience cooking both in the wild and at home. But cooking as a group was a lot of fun as well.

What does it make you want to know more about, or how to do? How did you feel while on your expedition?

I felt really good on the field trip. I felt like I could socialise when I wanted to and just relax when I wanted to. There was a good group dynamic, even though we had some issues.

What risks did you take and how did it feel to take them? If this expedition were a metaphor for something else in your life, what would it be?

At one took

What did you learn from being on this expedition that you think might be useful in some other context?

How has your experience of the wilderness changed from your experience on the expedition last year?

Spend most of your energy reflecting on these kinds of questions (You don’t have to answer these exact questions-they’re just a few examples to point you some different directions).

Mercutio: an exclusive Q&A with the man behind Romeo.


This week we caught up with Verona’s most macho male: Mercutio. He might just be the city’s most wanted single man. But ladies, you can wait all you like, Mercutio is not waiting for a relationship. Perhaps it’s because he is too busy crashing capulet parties and getting into fights. But this week he cleared some of his time so we could ask him a few questions about his life, in Verona.

You are no family of Romeo or The Capulets, so you don’t belong to either of the houses. How do you feel about this?

I feel like I have to become my own house – you know, have those traits that only belong to me. But being friends with Romeo kind of makes me part of the Montagues, like I would always fight for them, you know.

And although you’re not officially a Montague, do you still share their hatred of the Capulets?

Well, I don’t really hate all of the Capulets, just a few of their servants. Like Tybalt, Gregory and Sampson. There have been a lot of fights between us. Three major ones as I recall. But those dogs always leave with their tail between the legs.

Speaking of that, where exactly were you during the fight at the market place? Benvolio was there but you weren’t.

(clears throat) Well I was somewhere else in the city, I didn’t even hear about the brawl until speaking to Benvolio later that day. Wish I was there. Would have stomped those Capulets real good.


“Those dogs always leave with their tail between the legs.”


It is said you are quite a party goer, is that true?

Yeah, I love to party. Especially those masked parties. Where you’re anonymous. You can just do whatever you like. No one remembers who you are or where you came from. That’s the dream. You can do what you want.

In our interview with Romeo, he said you were incredibly unromantic, so what is your view on love?

Pff, that’s something Romeo would say, but I guess he’s right. Love is just something women want, but eventually – they’re only a drag. Just look at Romeo, he is just so boring when he is with a girl. All gooey and romantic. That’s not to say I don’t love girls, just not one in specific. You get me?

Are you ever Jealous that you’re not of a high status like Romeo is?

No, no, I feel like being born neutral, gives me the opportunity to be who I want to be. Like I chose to affiliate with the Montagues, it was my own choice. Romeo was born a Montague and will always be hated by the Capulets, even if he wanted to be friendly with them. I chose to be friends with Romeo and by being his friend sort of being a Montague. Romeo didn’t have that choice.

Any Gossips about life in Verona?

During our party crash at the Capulets Romeo just disappeared. We found him a little bit later, but just a few moments after that he disappeared again. I would go after that if I were you, there might be something there.

Oh.. So you were at the party at the Capulets?

(laughs) No comment.

Well anyway, thanks for the Q&A

You too, good day.



photo: Goehring, David. “Before the Ball.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 25 Feb. 2014. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.

Le comte de Monte Cristo questions chapter 1

1 Qui est qui? Associez.

  • Monsieur Morrel= F
  • Edmond Dantès= C
  • Danglars= A
  • Mercédes= D
  • Caderousse= E
  • Fernand Mondego= B

2 Ecoutez la premiere partie

  • Parce que le capitain est mort.
  • l’ ile d’ Elbe
  • Un lettre
  • Napoleon
  • Parce que il veut aller a Mercedes


  1. Caderousse: A D F J
  2. Danglars: C E L K
  3. Fernand: B I G


  1.  Chaloupe
  2. équipage
  3. capitaine
  4. marines
  5. second
  6. mât


Parce que Capitaine Dantes contacter le empereur Napoleon, mais il est un prisonnier. Le police a entendu a partir de Danglars.


Le petit Nicolas chapitre 9

  1. Pourquoi Nicolas a-t-il été malade.
    Nicolas mangé beaucoup de caramels, de bonbons, de gâteaux et de frites.
  2. De quelle couleur étaient
    Le docteur est chauve.
  3. Comment Nicolas s’est-il amusé d’abord.
    Nicolas pris un livre et il commencé a lire.
  4. Qui est venu lui rendre visite?
    Alceste est venu te rendre visite.
  5. Le visiteur a-t-il offert un cadeau à Nicolas?
    Non, c’ etait Alceste et il ne fait pas vouloir de partager.
  6. Pourquoi la mère de Nicolas a-t-elle du changer les draps?
    Parce que Nicolas avait écrasé quelques chocolats sur les draps.
  7. Pourquoi la mère de Nicolas a-t-elle du changer les draps.
    Parce que Nicolas a repandré la encre et les chocolats sur le drops.
  8. Qu’est-ce que Nicolas a dessiné?
    Nicolas dessiné des bateaux de guerre qu se battaient contre des avions qui explosaient dans le ciel.
  9. Pourquoi Nicolas a-t-il mis une vieille chemise de son père?
    Parce que son pyjama est sale.
  10. La maladie de Nicolas était-elle contagieuse?

Le petit Nicolas chapitre 8

Le petit poucet:

1. Pourquoi le directeur prenait-il sa retraite?
Parce que les élèves sont très vilaines.

2. A quoi servait l’estrade?
Ils se mettront en rond, ils taperont sur l’estrade avec les sabots mais au lie d’agiter un drapeau, ils agiteront des mouchoirs et crier youp-la.

3. Pourquoi Nicolas ne voyait-il jamais la télévision chez lui?
Parce que son père pense que la télévision est trop cher.
4. Quel rôle voulait jouer Geoffroy?
Geoffroy voulait de jouer le rôle de cow-boy.

5. Qui faisait le Petit Poucet?
La maîtresse

6. Pourquoi Maixent n’aimait-il pas tout à fait le costume du Chat Botté?
Parce que le costume a un queue.
7. Combien d’élèves se trouvaient au piquet?
Il y avait beaucoup d’acteurs au piquet.

8. Comment Alceste a-t-il enfin réussi à donner un coup de poing à Agnan?
Parce que Agnan a décolé ses lunettes.

9. Alceste avait-il raison de répéter ce que disait Agnan?

10. Racontez l’histoire du Petit Poucet.
Il y a aussi un ogre qui veut manger les frères, du Petit Poucets et le Marquis de Carabas.

Kitty Genovese, bystander effect.

In Short what happened to Kitty Genovese was that she got out of her car at night, in an apartment block, when she was attacked and chased by a man with a knife. The man stabbed her three times, got away and came back a few times more. The interesting thing though was that there were 38 witnesses of Kitty’s death. Of course she shouted for help, but in the end, no one even called the police until it was too late. Why did this happen? Well the thing was mostly due to the fact that there were so many witnesses. Everyone who looked out of their window after they heard Kitty shout thought that someone else would help her. After all they saw other people looking out of their windows as well. So in that reason, when there would have been only 5 witnesses, pretty much every one of them would do something, because they felt the responsibility to help, after all they were the only ones that could. This phenomenon is called the diffusion of responsibility. In the end it is actually a very dangerous phenomenon, as Albert Einstein once said: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” With all this knowledge in your head, the best thing to do is when someone looks like they need your help, help them. Don’t think that someone else will do it, they will probably think the same way.

Le petit Nicolas chapitre 7

1. Quelle visite annonçait le directeur?
Le directeur annonçait le visite du Ministre.

2.Pourquoi a-t-il choisi Eudes, Agnan et Nicolas pour offrir les fleurs au ministre?
Parce que Nicolas est le moyen, Eudes est le premier de la classe et Agnan est le chouchou de la maitresse.
Ils sont les plus respectables.

3. Que devaient chater les élèves?
Il devaient le Marseillaise.

4. Quel copain faisait semblant de chanter?

5. Quelles sont les couleurs de drapeau français?
Bleu, rouge, et blanc.

6. Pourquoi la maîtresse est-elle devenue toute rouge?
Parce que un élève embarassé le Ministre.

7. Allait-on donner des plumeaux au ministre?

8. Pourquoi les élèves ont-ils été enfermés dans la buanderie?
Parce que les parents disaient qu’ils se saignaient aux quatre veines pour lui donner une bonne éducation et qu’il était un ingrat.

9. Le directeur avait-il tort de s’inquiéter?

10. Nicolas a-t-il offert des fleurs au ministre?


Chapitre 5 le petit Nicolas.

1. Quelle lanque parlait le nouveau?

2. Comment étaient ses dents?
Il a des beaucoup de vilaines dents.

3. Qui voulait avoir les mêmes dents?

4. Agnan avait-il peur de Clotaire?

5. Quels sont les sports favoris de Francais?

6. Quels sont vos sports favoris?

7. Djodjo avait-il peur de Clotaire?

8. Quel élève trouvait la récréation trop courte?

9. Pourquoi la maîtresse était-elle étonée?
Parce que Djodjo a dit les gros mots.

10. Pourquoi Djodjo n’est-il plus revenu à l’école?
Parce que tes parents n’ aime pas ton mots.