An Abundance of Katherines

An abundance of Katherines, by John Green, is a brilliant book the storyline is great. The book is about a boy named colin, who is a prodigy, that is extremely down because of his 19th girlfriend named Katherine braking up with him. His arabic friend Hassan persuades him to go on a road trip with him because he needs it. Later in the book Colin comes up with a theorie on how you can calculate the time a relationship will take, thinking Colin had finally found his own Eureka moment he gets kind of obsessed. two themes in the book are how obsession can be decieving and that relationships aren’t predicatable.
This is one of the most funniest books I have ever read. The fact that a prodigy comes up with a theory on how to Predict a relationship through maths is great, but the way John Green writes it is even better.
Sometimes the book is a bit sad, the fact that 19 girls named Katherine broke up with him is genius, but pretty sad. But then there is always a funny part.
The best thing about this book is that it just goes on and on and on without ever being boring.
When I read this book it was great, It made me laugh and I wish this book would have 500 pages.

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2 thoughts on “An Abundance of Katherines

  1. I think that your summary on ‘An Abundance of Katherine’s’ was very detailed and I fully understand now about the storyline of the book and I now know the basic details which is really good. The way that you complimented the book and made it seem really awesome, makes me want to read it a lot now and it seems very interesting. I think the part where Colin has had 19 girlfriends called Katherine is really cool and quirky and very unique so that also makes me want to read the book. Something good about your writing style is that you get straight to the point in only a few sentences which makes me not get bored of your writing and not get bored while reading your blog post, but at the same time you still include loads of detail that really draws me into your blog post. I already know about John Green and how amazing he is of an author. I have read multiple works of his and they have always hooked me. I think the only book I haven’t read by him is ‘An Abundance of Katherine’s’, which I bought on my kindle and am looking forward to reading. I’m looking even more forward to reading it now because of this blog post. Because John Green is such an incredible author, I expect ‘An Abundance of Katherine’s’ to be just as great as the other books I have read from him. Something you could’ve improved on though is that your paragraphs are a bit short and there’s not much I can comment on. So I think that it’s great that you get straight to the point, but sometimes I think you should make your sentences a bit longer or make the paragraphs a bit longer. I’m sure I wouldn’t get bored even if they were slightly longer.

  2. I definitely agree about how the book has some sadness but the humour and comedy in this book cancels it out. I think that the theme in the book that you mention is very interesting: how obsession can be decieving and that relationships aren’t predicatable. I find it hilarious that he comes up with a theory on how to predict a relationship through maths. I think that both the theme and the plot are both ideas that show how relationships can really take over and drive you to obsession, in which this case happened to him.

    The synopsis was very clear and I can tell that you only stated the main important parts. The theme that you mentioned clearly connects to the whole plotline. Lastly, I like how you mention how funny it is, which really persuades readers to read this book.

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