Self-Awareness, Mindfulness and Wisdom


When we attempted the Visualisation activity, I was able to pinpoint the things on my mind and what sort of things were bothering me. I found myself being quite stressed about the assignments just around the corner or upcoming tests to prepare for. By doing this meditation, I was slowly able to let go of these small stress balls and unclutter my thoughts. This would definitely strengthen our self-management skills when identifying our problems and just letting them go for a moment to focus on other tasks at hand.


By doing the Presence activity, I was really able to connect with the environment around me. I found it really hard to “just” count without noticing the other things. For the first few seconds it was easy to just clear everything, but after that my ears would just perk up at anything getting me off task. The obvious factors like sound triggered me to think, but other more subtle thoughts like how the ground felt under my feet or how the sun rays were hitting just one part of my face also got me thinking about other things other than counting. I find it almost impossible to just focus on one thought process without being intruded by another. Even when I try to empty my brain of my thoughts, I feel as if they are always lingering at the blurred edges of my mind.


Noticing was a hard one because we had to have a particular motive. When we were asked to notice the colour yellow, I found myself “finding” rather than “noticing”. Yet, when we were given the task to notice it, it was much easier to identify. Other than noticing yellow, I also made an observation on how yellow is actually quite a common colour. If I were to shift my notices to something more abstract like simple acts of kindness, I think I would be much more aware of it. I think that by developing a habit to be more observant about the world around me, I would feel more gratified and perhaps acknowledge things which I take for granted now.



<MBTI Test Results>

By taking the MBTI tests it was a true novelty in which strangely enough, I actually got to know myself better. There were questions which really made triggered my mind and forced me to put myself in the situation. There were also questions in which I really didn’t know how I would react. But by the end of the test, I had a better understanding of what sort of person I actually am and how my mind tends to function. By looking at the results I found that I am quite an extrovert and if I imagine myself in social situations, I realised that I do like to have the spotlight. I also recognised that I keep my thoughts quite open and prefer to talk about what is on my mind. By taking the test, I found out that some strengths were how I am capable of connecting with others easily and tend to be open-minded and inviting. On the other hand some weaknesses to look out for could be how I could be vulnerable to criticism and am worried about what others think.


One thing I realised after taking the tests and participating in the mindfulness activities is that when there is so much going on in our lives, we tend to forget about what sort of things are essential to us. When I tried to reflect on My Three Questions there were some things which popped into my head just because they were recent in my memory. I now think that it is important to reflect on our life as a whole to decide the components which make our life as full as it can be, not just by looking at what is nearest.

Mindfulness is again a very abstract concept which is hard to really apprehend. After watching the video and joining the activities in class, I made a connection between Mindfulness and Wisdom. I say this because when we are being mindful, we are almost dragging ourselves out and observing ourselves as a third person. In other words, we are aware of what our emotions are and are attentive about how they connect with the exterior world. I think that mindfulness definitely works hand in hand with wellness. The more mindful we are about ourselves, the more aware we are of our thoughts and feelings. To be in this state of mind, means we know the factors which are bothering us and what make us happy. By knowing these things, can help us develop our welfare.

In conclusion, mindfulness is a skill which is useful now as a student and would be when we start our careers as well. In a continuously thriving society that we are lucky to live in now, sometimes it gets overwhelming and we lose that “gut feeling”. In those hard times where we have to make decisions, the only person who knows you the best is you. So by getting to know our strengths and weaknesses, our likes and dislikes, it makes is so much more easier to thrive and live a life of full potential.