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Throughout the year of PSHE 10 we digged a little deeper into the aspects of wellness in our lives. One factor of wellness which I really developed through the year would be my physical health. I joined two varsity sports teams (Field Hockey and Football) in order to keep in shape. However, I found out that I gained much more than “staying fit” through the team sports that I participated in. I knew that exercise helped with brain circulation and it did in fact help me to be productive at home. Also, by having something to fill up my schedule, it stopped me from procrastinating. I chose field sports because I generally enjoy running and also moved me to be more agile even in everyday life. On more of a minor note, sports pushed me to drink a lot of water which I tend to forget when I am not thirsty. Therefore, through sports I was able to maintain my physical health. I also adapted my lifestyle so I could move around more. Since we spend a large amount of time working while sitting down, I tried to walk whenever I could instead of asking my mom for a ride.

Another aspect of joining a sports team was my development of social wellness. I say this because throughout the season I established a sense of teamwork and a bond with the team. Being able to communicate with my teammates and getting to know them both on and off the field expanded my interaction with people from different grades. I feel like being on a team with different grades burns down the social hierarchy between the grades. By breaking through the split between grades, I was able to get an insight on what was going on in the other grades. Also, by getting to know the people from older grades in particular, I was able to ask for advice in both my academic life as well as my social life. As I briefly stated before, I was able to understand the importance of communication. When you are part of a team, you are given responsibility (to cover a certain position for an instance). This required me to be more openminded and to think about the people around me and not just about myself. I found that this was what I found most challenging because unlike individual sports, when you are given the responsibility, you are holding something for the whole team. So if you let down yourself, you also let down the team. The pressure involved in this might have been the scariest part of the commitment to a team.

Pre-Game Huddle (Football)

Another development of my social wellness was through my establishment of the Sustainability Project. This really helped me to grow as a leader but to also think socially smart. I knew that I needed to take control but also think about others so they didn’t get hurt by my words or actions. For an example, we would have group discussions which would turn quite quickly into a debate because we have a large group of people who are very passionate. In cases like this, I would have to cut into the middle to cool down the discussion, regain control and to direct the discussion to its initial goal. Although hard at times, collaborating with others and adding to community really kept me socially in health as well. As a way of time management I have also made sure to keep everyone updated and remind the group before every meeting.

(Pre-Meeting Email Screenshot)

There are many things we take for granted such as the people that we interact with everyday. But by taking a moment and realising the impact those people have on us make us really feel thankful for them. The acknowledgement of our friends and family may be what also contributes to our social wellness.

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  1. Thank you for your insights that sports gave you not only physical well-being but mental well-being. It is clear that you have reflected on your role in the sustainability project.


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