PSHE Wellness Reflection

In this years PSHE class, I learned and developed further knowledge on various topics regarding to the subject. Such as the different aspect (Physical, Mental, Social etc) under “Wellness” and how diversely affects a person in his/her life, “Wisdom”, personalities traits (MBTI), as well as drugs or substances, and contraceptives. Many of these topics are also the same topics I learned last year, and helped me refresh, in addition revise my opinion. However, at the same time I was able to acquire more in depth knowledge. Furthermore, some of them came up in other subjects, particularly psychology during individual and societies. Specifically, I learned the effects of wellness affected by the symptoms of a mental disorder.

I especially experienced in improving my physical wellness and mental wellness outside school. Since the start of the year in order to keep myself fit, I chose to ran for 4km every two days. After receiving a result as an introvert during the MBTI test, I decided to balance out in being an extrovert as well as being fit physically due to the fact that I could only practice sports and exercise two times for each school week. The specific reason why I chose to improve and implement this practice, was also to deal with potentially stress I could face through my upcoming IB course. Despite that I been through a lot of assessments and personal project in G9 and G10. IB diploma is a huge difference and will be a challenge to me academically as well as psychically and mentally. This is the reason why I decided to practice sports outside of school for me to build my endurance to those stress. 

For my mental wellness, I have continued in a particular practice that I have repeatedly used for 5 years straight. That is playing computer games. Since high school causes and caused pressure as well as mental stress due to overwhelming tasks from different subjects, in order for me to keep me mentally well I play games. These games temporary help me isolate and relieve me from other thoughts such as education. In addition, by shutting those thoughts out, it helps me process as well as calm me down when I am especially in a stressed state. 

These are the two wellness practices that I have conducted through most of my 10th grade, and has helped me substantially. Furthermore, I plan to continue practicing them to deal with additional stress and obstacle I will inevitably have to face when I start my IB diploma for 11th grade.

The flaming “Prince of Cats” Tybalt


Tybalt aiming his weapon.

Yesterday we were able to interview Tybalt Capulet after the party held by the Capulet family, though unfortunately he have passed away recently by Romeo killing him. Tybalt was a kinsman and a member of the extremely feared Capulet family in Verona. This man Tybalt is well known for his vicious, tempered, fanatic attitude, which came with his nickname “Prince of Cats” and commonly being spotted at the fair streets of Verona slaying his worst enemies the “Montagues”. Tybalt could be the sole reason why the Capulet family is known for their excessive acts of violence. We were very excited and thrilled about his impressions, hatred toward the Montagues and the feelings he had in his name.

How do you feel when slaying a Montague?:

I always feel pride and honour in my doing especially slaying a Montague, I also find it entertaining since I am fond to violence. Montagues are my sworn enemies, and villains to my family. I don’t and shall not feel sympathy, nor remorse, there are no empty spaces in my soul for those that disgrace and defile the name of the Capulet.

Would you describe yourself as a brute?:

Yes, and I take it with honour. Without being a brute I am nothing, and the Capulet family needs men like me. If not our name shall have been tarnished long ago and would be humiliated by the Montagues.

Who is the Montague that you hate the most?:

The Montague himself obviously, he is the sole reason why I fight for my uncle the Capulet. He is the one that especially despises the name of Capulet. Despises the name, he also despises me too.

What were your initial thoughts seeing Romeo your “sworn enemy” at the party?:

Hatred, and humiliation. That villain son of Montague was scorning our party that should show pride and power. Yet that damn boy have penetrated and foiled our pride, and nobody including my uncle care. So I nearly attempted to slay him.

Do you despise Benvolio’s pacifism?:

Absolutely, I hate the word peace. Peace only scorn the pride in me. If Benvolio wants to achieve peace then he shall either take me down or be slain from my rapier and sent to hell where all Montague belongs.

Do you think the Montague and the Capulet family could live side by side in Verona?:

Never, there shall not be a future of Montague and Capulet shoulder to shoulder. This idea denies my past actions towards the Montagues, in addition makes my service and others commitment to the family in vein.

We heard that Count Paris wants Juliet’s as his wife what about your thoughts?:

I never met Count Paris in person, however he does seem to be a man with manly pride and I admit with a charm that will attract woman. In short I think he is best suited to Juliet’s future husband. Since Juliet is the daughter of my uncle that I serve, I only wish her full of happiness.

What do you think about Juliet’s thoughts between the tension of Montague and Capulet?:

Surprisingly we both barely talk to each other, because I am mostly onto the streets. She seems to be neutral about my actions, which is fine. Since I had memories playing with her when we were little, and I see that she sometimes has her own world.

How do you wish to die?:

I do not wish to die, since I am willing to protect my name. Though if it is fate than I shall take my enemies especially a Montague with me through hell.

Theatre Design: My Room is…



My room is my office. Since I mostly use my room to mostly study and research necessary things. In this collage I mostly used pictures from magazines in order to represent what I have in my room, such as books computers, desk and posters. The only colour paper I used was green at the top left corner to represent my bed and soft materials to represent the pillow. I kept the collage simple and mostly posted simple pictures to, in order for the representation that I only study. In addition I avoided using large amount of pictures and left several spaces so to create the focus I have in this collage is fairly minimum, which empathize the idea of office. I also tried to represent my room by putting the pictures in place like I have in real life. In order to keep the balance and not having one large section or portion of the picture empty, I place large pictures at the corner or the side. Then have small pictures spread out at the middle to cover the remaining areas.

This task was for the preparation of the stage design at the end and this task of recreating or designing our rooms with collage helped me understand how I should set the areas with what types of things.

Drama Journal 7

We as a class learned a psychical drama from a person named Neil Farrelly. Who teaches drama with implying physical movements or acting. In order to master ourselves in becoming good and experienced, we did some for the first 2 lessons activities regarding to psychical work which was intense by making time limits so to come up with several ideas quickly and creatively. At the end of the second lesson we were told to have some ideas about psychical act representation so to perform and show grade 8 and 10 our work. Our group (Me, Olle, Leo, Kent, Kento) made a scene where the storyline is Kento (aka Average Joe) attempts to get a ball from either Le0, Me, Kent. Kento gets rejected in a row and at the end sits down in front of us. Olle’s job was the narrator who explained the characters and drawing the actions of Kento. One of the significant aspect of our play was the motionless of characters, and only moving in certain times but not as much.

After we finished psychical drama, we continuing in working the devised theatre. At the start the class had been showed a picture where we use that as our base of idea. The picture was a refugee girl and we had to implement the concept into our scene. My group (Me, Kento, Leo, Joshua, Solon) we made a scene about a father (Solon) and daughter (Kento) arriving at the camp leaded by guard #1 (Joshua). The father comforts the daughter and discuss about what to do after this, soon after that a refugee (Me) gets beaten up by guard #1 and guard #2 (Leo). The father approaches to me, then I warned him to get away from the camp. Soon after that the father and daughter tries to escape the camp at night, however the father was captured and killed. The daughter became unconscious after getting beaten up and taken out of the camp. The scene ends by the daughter grabbing to the fence like the picture and waits for the father forever.

In this devised theatre task we learned about how we could create our scene creatively by only a picture as our base of guide.

Model Set Design

Me and Olle for the past few classes researched, planned and created our own original set design for the play “Intruder”. The time frame of the model set is closely to the actual setting or the timeline, which is around the late 19th or 20th century, though we made the planned and made actual sets from referring to the scripts and looking through the number of furnitures, movements, and placement of the characters. One of the significant aspect of our chosen set design that we created was the colour. The walls and floors are covered with either red or orange. The reason why we chose it rather than a darker colour is to represent the room using a bright wood and to create a light atmosphere which complements the lamps. Due to the timeframe is mostly set in the night, when lamps are the only light in the room. Furthermore the lights can lit the room showing the area clearly. Tables and furnitures are set at the middle of the set, the table is in the middle with 6 chairs, 2 on three sides surrounding the table. We set it like this because the play “Intruder” mostly has the grandfather, father, uncle and 3 daughters talking most of the time. One of the characteristic of the talk between the family has the grandfather speaking towards the characters, so when in the play some of the chair furthest to the audience will be seated by him. By this the grandfather will be the mostly focused character for the audience, and the character’s dialogues can also have an increased impact. Different from the script is the window. The play presents that the scene has at least 3 windows, however we chose to have a 1 large window and curtains. They are fitted with the same colours with the wall and the floor. The reason why we put only 1 large window is to show the outside environment and connect the atmosphere which can apply to the mood of the room, since they are scenes which has a relationship towards outside. Even further the audience can relate or in a sense interact by fitting toward the atmosphere during scenes when the outside take or has a significant message. Other furniture we add were a lamp and dutch clock or a stand clock. Once again most of the play is done by the dialogue of the characters so by having few supporting furnitures, most of the audience can focus on the table at the middle with the characters. Also it creates balance around the area so no objects on the stage will cause major distraction to the audience. In addition the lamp and the clock is part of the important objects which relates to the play, such as the clock ticking which representing any special parts of the scene or critical points, for example time. The light of the lamp flickering indicating the change of atmosphere or the mood between the characters. The space in the model set is pretty much open, the reason why we chose to make open spaces and avoid putting various furniture so that characters can have free movements. Open large spaces can also create silent, cold, spooky, and dark atmosphere and mood, which complements the script. Including in emphasizing several key important aspects to the play. Comparing to the first design and the actual physical model set the difference is the shape of the model. The plan had a diagonal wall with more spaces between the chairs and tables are located where from our research and looking through the script, however from the actual psychical model parts were cut out.

Model Set:


Psychical Model:

IMG_0325 (1)


Drama Journal 6

The next technique that I’ve obtained is movement. Movement is one of the most important factor for most drama techniques. Furthermore the specific characteristic of movement can create the a specific scene and making it further creative for the character. In general there many types of movement of position of the body.

The approach that we took to master movement. We split into partners, for me it was Kento. The task was, choosing a specific word, that can have an representation to a mood. One of the few selection we chose was isolation for starters. We each had our arms crossed and faced back each other. Second task we conducted was we split into groups (Me, Kento, Moe, Lea, Mee-lin) and made a 4 scene regarding to the human life, specifically birth, childhood, adult and death. In order to add the concept of movement, we implemented the techniques from dancing for a unique procedure to tell the story. The third task was to create a scene using full different movement to tell the story, we made a group again (Me, Kento, Olle, Solon) and were given a sheet which lists various types of movement. We came up with an idea of a genre connecting to kidnap and a cult ritual. The scene begins by Kento and Solon walking through the dark streets, then me and Olle as the kidnappers putting our hoody jacket to hide our faces follow them. Soon after that Olle kidnaps Kento and I restrained Solon, took them away to our hide out. The last scene is about using Kento’s unconscious body as an sacrifice to one of our (Me and Olle) ritual with me ready to stab me with a knife and Olle saying out a code. So the full scene ends by me stabing Kento.

Gaining more knowledge about movement, helped me about how many types, options of approaching in order to create a specific play or scene.

Drama Journal 5

The new technique that I’ve learned is symbol. Symbol means an object of any sort identifying as a particular meaning or message. Though there for each object there can be multiple messages and can be used in variety of ways. Such as a ring, several message can be related to money and wealth, or others can connect to love even a memory of something important.

The way we approached to gain better knowledge of symbol. Was by splitting into group of pairs, we each got a large paper with a specific drawing that can identify with several different ideas. My partner was with Kento, and the drawing we had was a ring. We first listed down some general ideas, such as what could the ring mean. After we listed several message, we wrote several ideas of story where we can implement the representation of the ring, then write a brief scenario. Next we presented to the class about our ideas. After that we made a group with another pair, for us it was Kent and Solon, with a light bulb drawing.

The next task we conducted, were discussing with each other a created two scene. The first scene was implementing the idea of the ring. We have the scene started off by me as being the priest, having a man (Kent) and woman (Solon) marry, then later there will be a time change which they both argue over something. Next Kent approaches to me (Priest)  and asks a solution to their marriage, I give him the advice and the switches to the last scene. The last scene turns out to be a fight again, however when Solon (Woman) attempts to punch Kent (Man). However when Kent blocks it he sees the ring, which was a sign of commitment to Solon. They both stop and tries to build up their relationship once again. The second scene is almost the same idea with a different prop, the beginning starts by Solon going through a tunnel and sees a light. I take part at the light, with having my jacket backwards. The light shows a man (Kent again) with a ring who seems to be Solon’s future husband.

One of the feed back we got was, changing or adapting the scene to a different scenario, such as making the ring as a mark of something for example an organization. So to have an more original story line.

Journal 4 Language

In the past two weeks we learned about language in drama. Language is about the sentences and words used to create the drama, scene, conflict. It is also used to create a realistic environment, which to entertain the scene of the play toward the audience. One of the simple examples are a scene of a adult and child. In reality an adult such as the parents uses simple and soft words to the child. However when it comes to a conversation with an different adult their use of words change significantly making the child hard to acknowledge what their are talking about.

In order to approach and learn more about language we played several scenes which requires various use of words. The first one was a scene about a child and their parents. The mother and child is waiting for the father who is late at the cinema. In my group (Me, Kento, Joshua) we made a scenario about the father being late who is cheating, and the mother finds out. There is a conflict in this scene between the mother and father about it and the child watches them both. Before the fathers arrive late, the mother talks in soft language to comfort the child. After the father arrives at the cinema, they both have a talk with them which leads to an intense mood of The second scene is about a priest which is late for a ritual of a king or queen, our scene starts by the priest 1 (Me) hurrying to the King (Kento), then the priest 1 sees priest 2 (Joshua) who is upset. As soon as the priest 1 arrives to the king he tries to explain about his delay and forgiveness in a formal language. The scene ends by the execution of priest 1. 

As said before the technique of using or adjusting language is used in variety of playing media. Such as in movies or theatre to create a realistic setting. Learning the techniques of language helped me understand the main concept of this idea. Furthermore the need to implement several acting skills.  

Drama Journal 3 Focus and Space

Last week what we learned in Drama was Focus and Space. These two elements are related in a way to stretch the scene of drama and create various situation. Focus is about a situation where the actors wants the audience to mainly focus on themselves or the others in order to draw the story. One of the examples are having two scenes which is related to the plot of the play. One of the scenes starts and gives an brief idea of the story to the audience. As soon as after the first scene ends the control of the plot directly given to the second scene, during the time where the second is being played the first cannot interfere. However the another way of using this element is by changing the place of time. For example the main scene or focus is a fight between gangs. At first the audience is concentrated on that scene only, then the place switches to a different scene though it has to be related to the first. Such as people listening to the fight. Next again the place begins to be larger like in a police station. Space is an important element to support focus, space can act like a setting, such as if a the first scene is in a room of an apartment complex then the second is in the hallway. The appropriate use of space for these two scenes are, one positioned in either side of the stage and other is positioned slightly next, opposite to the first.

In order to practice and mastering the techniques, we mainly did activities. For focus and space we made ourselves into groups and planned scene implying different situations in the plot. These exercises gave a clear idea on how to use both focus and space well.


Design Crash Course Game

During the past 2 weeks in design I learned the function and how to edit to create a game example on Stencyl. In order to practice and gain a better knowhow we programmed two Crash Course Game provided from Stencyl.

Crash Course Game 1:

This is the first example of what we did in class. This crash course game is a Mario style based game with simple controls such as left, right, and jump. Since this was the first the duration of programming didn’t take that long. The challenges were that sometimes there would be issues that the collision or stomp on enemies doesn’t work.

Crash Course Game 2:

This is a second example of what we did in class. The game is an old school invaders style game. The overall length which took me to finish the programming and making the game work in about 2 full and 1 period to make it work. The challenging part in making this work is to read a really long instruction sheets, since because there are a lot of things to check. If you are not focused in very word and sentence you will miss some parts and screw up the game system.

Remembering Programming Methods:

My way of remembering instructions is by taking screenshots.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.29.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.29.20 PM

By taking the actual screenshots from the website where it posts clear instruction on programming each characteristics it easy to identify where the places of buttons and function is.