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Since from last year, I’ve been involved with the YIS Model United Nations group, which was my first opportunity and experience in engaging the current global issues with other students in high school as an official task. The first global topic I encountered, was the ethnic cleansing in the Rohingya region of Myanmar, nuclear possession by “rogue states” (North Korea, Iran etc.) and subnational groups, and the collaboration of establishing a permanent colony on Mars. The activity I have mainly done so far in regards to this issue is formulating a position paper of a country that is actively in part. The countries I chose were Myanmar and Pakistan. Going through this process of public presentation, I was able to further gain knowledge of the diverse perception of delegates (students) towards the selected issue.

While this was my first ever experience in being a representative of a nation, unlike other nations, both Myanmar and Pakistan which I delegated were considered to be aggressors and belligerents towards the featured topic. This factor made me aware of my choice of language in my presentation. During the process of forming a position paper, I was very anxious about supporting nations with decision and actions that went against my political beliefs towards the featured topics. However, in order to accurately delegate these countries, I’ve tried to represent their position as much as possible. Reflecting and understanding the connection to real-life actions of nations that wish to hide or cover their “potential wrongful” action by the international community. Particularly regarding a topic that may involve innocent lives being affected or maybe lost.

During my involvement in the second semester of 11th grade in the Model United Nations group, we shifted our topic, to a new current global issue in which I discussed and listened. The new topic specifically was regarding the preservation or abolishment of the death penalty as well as, Human trafficking. The country which I delegated with a partner was Russia and the activities that I have participated in, as usual, was formulating a position paper for statement towards the entire group. These continuous activities further supported me the skills of public presentation, and able to acquire insight into different perspectives of each nation. Another activity that I did was creating a resolution, where nations from various countries with a similar perception of the topic, that helped with my discussion and being open-minded. Furthermore, we’ve as a group listened to a presentation of public speaking.

Economics, Politics and Power/Privilege:

Upon delegating various nations in my 11th-grade experience in MUN. I’ve noticed, while acknowledging, how economic and political values and condition affect the power/privilege a nation can hold and exercise, particularly in the international world. For example, while I delegated Pakistan for the topic of Mars exploration, despite Pakistan maintaining some sort of space agency. Due to its severe economic condition, the amount of opportunity and contribution to the topic was relatively limited, and in fact, during outside school meetings, I only discussed the issues with other minor nations that are in poverty. And leading to draft resolutions that allowed little contribution and put ourselves in a disadvantage compared to other wealthy nations. Thus limiting their voice and privilege in the international community. And potentially limiting the people’s access to advanced technology and wealth from resources, restraining their lives, which is particularly dominant in today’s society.

In addition, I’ve also realized how politics within governments of nations, has a strong relationship, especially power. Especially, how conservative or military governments. Such as Russian, Myanmar, in which I also delegated, could exercise excessive force towards their people. Myanmar, particularly, while having a ‘democratic’ government, it is still predominantly controlled by military leaders. Allowing them to conduct massive genocide mostly towards religious religous┬áminorities┬áliving within the country. through the conventional military. Highlighting how specific political government can have uncontrolled and unmeasurable physical and political ‘power’ thus establishing policies or action that violet an individual’s human rights.

Year 12

Once again, similar to the 1st semester I was the representative of a nation that was considered corrupt or ineffective in solving towards an issue addressed. Therefore, in order to promote my countries stance as well as the willingness of international cooperation, I was careful once again with the diction and tone within position papers, and appeal as if we were supporters of international stability.

As continuing my involvement in MUN towards my final year in high school, I have been involved in helping younger students to develop their skills in representing their chosen or designated nation effectively towards a large audience, and I would like to provide some of my knowledge to them, as well as continuing to discuss challenging topic.

(Me presenting in KMUN)

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