Freedom of Expression Editorial Response to “Pope Francis: Freedom of Expression has Limits”

The bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo should be an incident to show the world why we need to end or set limits to hate speech, furthermore this shows that we need to learn to be tolerant toward objectionable comments, even if they are socially discriminating. This makes us wonder what is the mark that indicates right from wrong?

In response to The Guardian, Pope Francis agreed on the statement that ‘every religion has its own dignity’ however, believes that “There is a limit…in freedom of expression there are limits.” Although there’s no mark that indicates right from wrong within Freedom of Expression, many argue that this cartoon has crossed the limits since it proposed the insult of a religion.

I agree to the statement above however from past experiences we can clearly see that there are both positives and negatives of Freedom of Speech, we need to understand where we cross the line to distinguish right from wrong, hate speech is when one attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race or religion. If we want to put an end to this, Freedom of Expression should have set limits and if people cross the they should face the consequences. As Pope Francis mentioned, the right to liberty of expression should only be for “the common good.”

Chapter 6- Mise en train

1)Tu as compris?

a)Château de Chenonceau

b)Par le car

c)Avec une guide

d)Ils sont visités le château,dans le château ils sont faire de tourism

e)Dans le fin, Hector a coincé dans le Cher


a) Bruno

b) Hector, Virginie et Celine

c) Virginie

d) Celine

e) Hector

f) Hector

g) Virginie et Celine

3) Le journal de Celine

a) visiter

b) magnifique

c) a achete

d) est parti

e) est arrive

f) des velos

g) a remarque

h) a cherche

4) Cherche les expressions

a) C’est que ton opinion

b) C’est etait bon!

c) Mais ca c’est tres mal!

5) Et maintenant, a toi

Hector était coincé. Celine et Virginie elles sont cherchées pour Hector