First I learn about the history of South Africa. I didn’t know white people separate black people. Especially that the demo, black people were angry that the white people thought black people are dustbins and they differentiated. So they start fighting and about hundred people are died.

Second, I learn about the book name “Journey the jo’burg. (Journey the Jo’burg is about South Africa and it is about Neledi and Tiro go to their mother’s place because their sister have fiver)                                                                                                                                                               I learn about how did the white people treat black people. First, the whites use black people for slaves. Second, they have “White bus” and ” Black bus” it’s mean, whites doesn’t want to seat with blacks because they thought blacks are dustbins. I think that is rude and cruel.

Last thing that I learn from is movie. It is about Nelson Mandela and the whites. Nelson Mandela was the person that let the black people and white people have friendship treaty. But he though that is not enough to be a good friends. So Nelson Mandela let the whites and blacks play the Rugby. First, they have some fights and the team was on the bad terms. But slowly and slowly, the team have  a teamwork and in the end, they have happy ending.                                                                                                                                                                         From there, I though when blacks and whites help each other, they can be a good friends.