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June 2014

Minecraft Escape game

The goal is to find 3 types of coloured blocks and 3 types of food. If you fined these you have to place them and then you can open the door. The Items ・Diamond Block ・Gold Block ・Emerald Block ・Chocolate… Continue Reading →

Speech Reflection

This time I think I did a good job and this is the first time I can do the planning by myself. The most surprising thing was I can talk for about three minutes. It was very successful for me…. Continue Reading →

DIY Reflection

In this TV project, it was not successful to me because I look at the scrip at the hole time because I didn’t practise and that scrip, I didn’t do it. My team (Amane and Emily) did it for me… Continue Reading →

Science Fair Reflection

I found in the internet and I create the question by myself and some my teacher’s help. The question written in the document was helpful. e.g, There are the steps written in the document (Week 1, Week 2..) so it… Continue Reading →

Fair Game – Grade 7 Technology

This is about my technology team park Theme Make the park – Petting zoo. Entertaining the park, Must not include any other team. Our park do not have any rules but we just think that the player have fun when… Continue Reading →

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