This is about my technology team park


Make the park – Petting zoo.

Entertaining the park,

Must not include any other team.

Our park do not have any rules but we just think that the player have fun when they play our game.


Petting zoo is very easy to build and it looks boring (Because theres only animal in the fence) So I put some flowers and other decorations. I devised how to make it more interesting that don’t make the player bored.


I used fence and hey and water (For the animal to drink and for decoration)


It was difficult to have teamwork.

e.g. Planning, making the park together, communicate.

but it was challenging to me. Every time I do not do things by myself because I don’t know what should I need to do.

But this time I asked for help so my team supported me so I can do it well.

when I am doing this project again, I want help my team too and I want to talk more to my team mate so they will know what am I thinking and idea.