The goal is to find 3 types of coloured blocks and 3 types of food. If you fined these you have to place them and then you can open the door.

The Items

・Diamond Block

・Gold Block

・Emerald Block

・Chocolate Chip Cookie


・Golden Carrot

We just choose what we want to do. Eiden is good in crafting so he did Bed room and Bath room. Sophie wanted to make kitchen so she did kitchen (I don’t know the reason) And I did the living room.

Recording was challenging to us because we need to think what should we need to say and also we need to describe where is the item. So First we practise a few times and when there was some mistake, we help and fix each other. And we record it together. Second thing was, I need to talk clearly and detail so Grade 4 can understand well.

I didn’t give any suggestions because there were perfect to me. But my group look at my work and they gave me few advices ( No rejection) and I fix it a few times and they accept it. They also give me some an advices.

This time, I just do my things only and I didn’t help my group so from next time when I have this kind of project, I want to support them and there won’t be perfect so I want to advice them. And also I want to ask more question and help when I don’t know.

When I am sharing this Minecraft game to my friends and adults, I show to them and let them play.

This is the link video that Sophie, Eiden and Me record the game.↓