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September 2014

Buddhism Grade 8

In this lesson, I was interested that we need to keep quite and seat still about 10-15 min. I thought this is easy for me but it was quite difficult to me and I almost hurt my muscles. But it… Continue Reading →

Onion タマネギ- Science 8

Hi, do you know there is a good way to recycle the waste onion? I also don’t know but after I read this site, I know that onion and also garlic could be used to mop up the hazardous heavy metals…. Continue Reading →

Reflection – Science 8

I made a manganese poster. I write five questions. First question is “What is manganese” the second question is “How it is used” the third question is “Why do we need to use it” four is “How do we get… Continue Reading →

Tutor -My Strengths and Weaknesses

I thought my strengths is only drawing but when I did the Strengths check, theres other strengths that I doesn’t know. First is I like to be alone so I also like to do my work alone. And the answer… Continue Reading →

Stereotype -Drama

What does stereotype mean? I think it is like personality feeling. For an example, gender, language. It is particular type of person or thing. It is useful? Yes it is useful. Because when I need to present or talk to… Continue Reading →

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