Poetry and ads difference are “How do they tell the message to readers”

It means, poetry is telling the authors felling, thinking and write in to the poem and people will read. I think most of the people love poem so they will be interested to read so it will be famous. I could tell this because poem is very good story to read and they have many types of poems. Love, Death, happy, sad..so we, reader could enjoy and read our favourite proem. And it is also meaningful. But the bad thing is, some poems are difficult to understand because the author use the difficult words and also poem is not a proper story. It is like a music lyrics so we need to read and understand it. Before I am interest in poem, I thought poem is a boring stuff but when I know how to understand, It is very interesting to read. I think this part is also interesting to people.

By the way, ads is telling to people for selling things. it just for commensal so I don’t think it will move people except if there good stuffs to sell. (So people will buy it) But however it is not as loveable than poem, theres also has good thing in ads. everybody will know that company. Because it will be on the TV and newspaper that everyday people will read and see so It still will be famous like Coca-Cola. Also, every ads has picture so before I read the theme, I will look at the image so soon, I will know what is this ads is telling. Also ads won’t have many long sentences so it is very easy to read.