In Oct 17th to 21th, I went to Okinawa diving trip for two days five dives (I had a sea sickness so I get another extra class). I choose this trip rather than choosing the other trip because I didn’t went to Okinawa before, and I like to swim in the ocean, but also because I want to take my risk and try the new sports.

Before the field trip, my goal was to pass the test and get the licence. The contents about the text book are quite difficult so I was quite nervous and worried about passing the test.

After we reach Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, I learned about how to use and set up the diving equipment, and the rule of diving in the ocean or sea safely, and other thing that were written in the text book. The part that I thought I am good in was having a good organisation by planning the schedule for studying the text book, and preparing for tomorrows stuff..etc