My opinion is, there must be limit to express the opinion base on the terrorism happen in Paris. Overall I think free speech is fine to do and nothing is bad. Because people could talk what they want and argue in their own opinion, sometimes it might have a competition but from that, they could understand each other’s feeling and thinking. But in this Paris case, I think killing twelve peoples are going too far because of the two gun men get offended about their religion by Charlie Hebdo’s drawing. To the two gun men might feel good but for the other people get killed that actually were not related feels unfair. Some people will say if Charlie Hebdo didn’t draw about Islam, this wouldn’t happen. ButI think Charlie Hebdo didn’t do anything wrong. To the Muslim will feel un confer table because he drew about the Islamic, but I think this was his way to express his expression.

While I was writing about my opinion about the freedom of expression, I was curious about why the two gun men get too emotional about Charlie Hebdo’s drawing so I researched about them a little. They were brothers that were born in France. I was surprise about that because they attacked their own country. The reason that why they attack their own country is because they were brain washed by Islamic preacher until they were expressing their feeling to fight for Islam. So when Charlie Hebdo drew the drawing, they get very cross and emotional so they attacked their own country.

So my conclusion is, everybody could have freedom to express their emotion or thinking because it is one of their opinion, and also it is un possible to control people’s feeling. But there must be a limit to have freedom of expression. In my opinion, the limit is,  it is fine to draw or write about the speech, any way that doesn’t harm any people physically.