I had an underwater exploration for my activity. In this service group, I had learned about global understanding.

Underwater explore is a service group which is to collect some data by measuring the temperature and the depth, also the length. This is all because we need to see and compare the difference of the corals, sea water, temperature changes etc. The purpose of comparing the difference is to protect the underwater environment. If the coral is dying each year, we could notice there might be a bad influence so we could search for the cause. We usually call the dead corals “White Syndrome”.  The causes of the white syndrome are pollution and global warming. Pollution happens because of the rubbish which people simply throws it away, but also because the licking oil from the ship also affects the pollution too. Secondly, global warming does influence the coral badly is because the ice liquefied by the heat so the mass of the sea water increases. If the seawater increases, the plankton also increases a lot.  If the plankton increased too much, the sunlight will be covered by the plankton so the coral will start to die.

Coral is important for the ocean. Coral absorbs carbon dioxide and discharges oxygen. And the fishes do the opposite thing. coral and fishes help each other so it is important to protect the coral. So for the conclusion, I had learned for protecting the environment under the sea, people shouldn’t pollute the water because the fish will die. And if the fish dies, the coral will also die because the cycle between coral and fish has been destroyed by the people.

We will keep researching and collecting the data of the environment under the sea by diving. This is all to send the data to the reseacher. But other people that couldn’t dive also could cooperate together by not polluting the ocean. This is to not throw rubbish, also while their snorkeling or swimming close to the coral, try not to kick the corals because they will be easily broken and dies.