For CAS, I had underwater explore and Design festa (Fall) for the activity.

Underwater explore is about to go diving around Atami”熱海”or Izu”伊豆” in Japan and measure the temperature and the depth, also the length. Because I had one year black of diving so I had a difficulty to setup the diving things but I revised again well. I found out that the thing that needs to measure the length is in an unique circle shape. And also I was surprise that when I need to record the temperature and the depth of the sea, the paper was water proof but I could write it down well.


For design festa, we create things that we like to. Usually we will create stickers, illustrations, posters, bags, badges…etc and  I drew a illustration for display. I drew a girl with some decoration on her head. There is no specific reason. I just like to  draw it so I drew it. But I could say that I do not have enough time to colour my illustration so I decided to paint in black colour only. For that, I choose a model that it doesn’t look weird in black colour. When I was walking around the design festa, of course theres a lot of talented artist but I was surprise of their ideas and their creative skills. For an example this looks like just a neck warmer, but the design and the pattern is from the Japanese old literary master’s quotes. I really like to read the Japanese story and I knew that writer so it attracts me. Theres also a unique booth that some people did wear some costume to attract the customers. Other than selling thing, in design festa has perform to show the audience too. One is dancing and second one is a live paint.