I will be reflecting on managing my time schedule and having teamwork with the other students. For an example, in design fiesta we had to finish our illustration or printing stickers, creating the posters etc of course before the due date. Since I was doing digital illustration and I already had my digital tablets in my house, I do not need to stay late in school. Because my house was so far from the school, it will be quite troublesome when I stay late at school. But if I could do my work in the house, it will save a lot of time much better for me. I tried to do my work during the holiday because there’s a lot of time rather than working during the weekdays because I also had other assignments.

Secondly, I think I had done good teamwork and nice leadership in design fiesta club. I was in design fiesta club since from grade 10 so I knew most of the systems or time schedule well compare to the others, so. Also, I had tried to help set up the booth by helping them put the illustrations on, and call out for the customers to buy our goods. For another example, towards the autumn design fiesta, we had decided to create bags, stickers, posters, and badges for selling and a few pieces of illustration for decorating our booth. For achieving this, I had volunteered to help the leader to separate the club member in each group. One of the group will be creating bags, and another group will be creating badges and stickers. I chose to draw an illustration so mine will be individual work so I need to work harder than others. We will have about one to two months to finish our tasks so, between that period, I managed myself to do my illustration at my house because I already have my own digital tablet. So during the class,  I tried to help the other members how to use the digital tablets, or also give them some ideas for the bag design for sale, and also some feedback for the poster’s design if they need it. We need to set up the booth before the design fiesta begins, which is from 10:00am. So I came early about 9:00am to set up the booth. While setting up the booth, I had indicated the members where to put the goods and how to decorate the illustration on the booth’s wall.

I think meeting the due date is very important. For that, I need to organize my time and schedule to achieve my things before the due date comes. And I was weak on that. But now I think I had improved on this. Secondly, I think teamwork is also important because there’s a situation that it will be much helpful and better to ask other teammates for help rather than waiting teacher. And it also helps me when I teach or help out other people because I could learn the same thing again.