My challenging part was to be open-minded. Usually, I wasn’t good on listening to other peoples or groups opinion because the problem was I am not good at understanding the language. My listening skill was fine, but my understanding skill was a little bad so I had difficulty to understand it. And the second problem was, I couldn’t also ask the question to them however I couldn’t understand it so my knowledge doesn’t improve well. Because of this causes, I had chosen my goal to be open minded.

For solving that problem, first I had tried to listen more to the surroundings opinion and try to catch the keyword that I could understand. I learned that however there’s a difficult word in the conversation, I could understand the content roughly. But if that difficult words is the important keyword for the conversation, I will try to check the meaning of it.

By repeating this steps, I had improve on my understanding skills so I could be open minded to understand the surrounding opinion more.