My personal goal is to have cooperation. The reason that I want to cooperate with other people is that I want to improve my communication skill. Having good communication skill will help me to understand the conversation and also getting a new idea and opinion from another person. This will helps me to grow my knowledge and I think it is very important. Beside just absorbing the knowledge from others, I could also share that knowledge that I know to the others too.

For achieving this goal, I had joined in chiku. This service group usually helps the homeless people by distributing the foods to them. For that, we need to collect the foods from the school so we call out to them by writing in the daily, and also give an announcement during at the tutor period. We are doing this activity because these homeless people are mostly the victim of the bubble burst which happens from March 1991 to October 1993. Because of the bubble burst, most of the worker lost their job to work so they became homeless. So our activity is to support them by serving foods and sometimes some goods. For that, we had divided into small groups. The duty is about one of the group collects the food, and the other groups serve the food to the homeless people. Especially serving the food looks easy but it requires teamwork.  In the group, we also need to divide in a small group. One of the group serves food, and the other group leads the homeless people to the place that we are serving food. And we switch our duty each other each minute. We repeat this rotate for almost every week so everybody will have their own duty to do.

In this service group, I did mostly serving foods for the homeless people several times (Mostly during on lunch time). Also, I had been helping translate the conversation between the homeless people and the non-Japanese speaking student and teachers. The student wants to talk to the homeless people because most of the reason is they are willing to socialize with them. I thought to translate for them does help because they will have a chance to know each other so I am willing to help them more on the translation.

This is a service group so we couldn’t get any reward or prices but the homeless people will thank us every time when we meet them, so I feel accomplished for my duty. By doing this service group, I could see that a lot of the homeless people really relies on us for foods and goods because they do not have any chances to get them by themselves.  This activity really makes me think about how well is the economy and the environment now in Japan, and it also it makes me think what could I do to support them. For me, cooperating for the homeless people will make me feel motivated because they rely on us, and giving me more knowledge to be more open-minded.