Multilingualism is a very useful skill to use in any environment because speaking more than one language will support the communication between itself and the other person. Usually, I could speak Mandarin and Cantonese, and I was also learning Malay when I was during kindergarten, but I couldn’t speak anymore after when I move to Japan. I feel regret that I forgot Mandarin because if I could speak Mandarin and Malay, I could speak five languages now because I could speak English and Japanese too.

However I couldn’t speak Malay, that is still fine for me. But I will seriously think that I should learn at least Manderine because if I could speak Japanese, Mandarin and English fluently, which means I could travel mostly everywhere in the world and there might be more chances to get a job because these three languages (English, Japanese and Chinese) are the most spoken language in the world. For an example, I am thinking that I want to work in the company that relates to art or design so it seems that I do not need to speak multilingually but I believe I need it. The first reason is because there will be a high percentage that I will be working outside of Japan like Australia or America so I need to speak English in that country. But Because I speak English in the English spoken country, it doesn’t mean I do not need other languages. Some of the people that work in the same company might also speak other languages. So been bilingual does help me a lot.

Besides using the Languages for the job, I could use it in the school too. Because I am not fluent in English so I will use a dictionary to translate English to Japanese and sometime I will do the opposite thing to search the meaning of the word. This will really helps me a lot and it is much better than misunderstanding the contents without researching the word. And I will think this is one of my strength because the people who speak only a single language couldn’t do the same way. Also been bilingual also helps me to communicate with another international student. Sometime if I couldn’t come out with the word, I could codeswitch and tell them in the other language. This technique also useful only for the bilingual students.

So for that, I really need to keep practicing using a lot of languages that I already knew because it will helps my future.