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Selling Things.

In drama class, Hyewon and I sell a talking doll call Ms. Bunny. we took about two weeks and we really work hard so please watch it.

MY SPEECH (ฅΦωΦ)ฅ NYaaaA!!

This is my video. I talk about how awesome is Harajuku【原宿】I couldn’t talk properly and I think it is difficult to hear, but if you have interest, please watch. 🙂 I was practicing a lot of time and I was… Continue Reading →

Elevator Scene

http://vimeo.com/112888892   When I watch this video, I knew that my character is very week. while I am acting, I don’t know what am I doing. and my voice is small so I can’t hear properly and I only have… Continue Reading →

Stereotype -Drama

What does stereotype mean? I think it is like personality feeling. For an example, gender, language. It is particular type of person or thing. It is useful? Yes it is useful. Because when I need to present or talk to… Continue Reading →

DIY Reflection

In this TV project, it was not successful to me because I look at the scrip at the hole time because I didn’t practise and that scrip, I didn’t do it. My team (Amane and Emily) did it for me… Continue Reading →

桃太郎 “Peach Boy”

http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/72/japanese-fairy-tales/4845/momotaro-or-the-story-of-the-son-of-a-peach/ Copy it ↑ -EVENT POINT- This story’s even point is, the peach boy and the animals became friend and they go to the island (That the demon are in there) and exterminate the demon. -Why did I choose this… Continue Reading →

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