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Juliet’s Gossipy Nurse!

Who says that Romeo and Juliet are the only people in Verona’s most sad love story? There’s others that support their love because Romeo and Juliet were only young, and they couldn’t handle themselves. One of the people who supported their love was the nurse. She… Continue Reading →


“My love is as deep as the sea and as wide as space. Don’t waste your love on somebody, who doesn’t value it.” Love is as sweet as Honey. But is also as dangerous as Cutlery. Love is a smoke… Continue Reading →

Comparing Poetry and Ads

Poetry and ads difference are “How do they tell the message to readers” It means, poetry is telling the authors felling, thinking and write in to the poem and people will read. I think most of the people love poem… Continue Reading →


I choose “Nobody knows”. This book has very deep emotions. A boy, call Akira would take  care of his brother and sisters after his mother left the children and went out of the house.   Akira had one younger brother… Continue Reading →

Speech Reflection

This time I think I did a good job and this is the first time I can do the planning by myself. The most surprising thing was I can talk for about three minutes. It was very successful for me…. Continue Reading →

Fact vs. Fiction

First I learn about the history of South Africa. I didn’t know white people separate black people. Especially that the demo, black people were angry that the white people thought black people are dustbins and they differentiated. So they start fighting… Continue Reading →

Blog post and illustration

This illustration is about white people and Black people demo.  

Relationship between Journey to Jo’bourg and the real world

I am talking about “What is the relationship between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world. I read this book and I thought it is similar with the real world. Because first is about the life between black and white…. Continue Reading →

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