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Individual Societies

Bystander Effect

How does diffusion of responsibility play a role? When one people start to ignore the problem, the others will start to ignore too. What about social influence (pluralistic ignorance)? People will move and try to help when they are in… Continue Reading →


I learn about “Egoism” and “Altruism” Egoism means a personal benefit. For Example, “I will help people because I want to look cool” or “I am the nearest person to the old lady, but I am so lazy and dislike… Continue Reading →

Nature vs nurture discussion

It was surprisingly miracle that they had a same job in a same country. My opinion is they had a same job are because they had a same interest or talented in that. Other thing that I feel was it… Continue Reading →

Nature VS Nurture

In individual societies, we learn about Nature VS Nurture. From this subject I learned about the difference of nature VS nurture. Nature is born to be and nurture is changes of physical while we are growing. The second thing that… Continue Reading →

Make a Map (Gr.8)

ADS MAP In humanities class, we make a city by our own. Our group is: Oliver – Sophie – Janus – Eileen – Ryouko –

Gap-minder (v`▽´)v< YaH↑

In this Individual Socialites class, we are using Gap-minder to search this↓ Questions. I am not good in researching so some of the answers are un proper but if you still have interest, please read it. (This Blog looks wearied… Continue Reading →

Buddhism Grade 8

In this lesson, I was interested that we need to keep quite and seat still about 10-15 min. I thought this is easy for me but it was quite difficult to me and I almost hurt my muscles. But it… Continue Reading →

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