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GCD 【Artistic Expression】

I had chosen artistic expression as my achievement because I want to learn arts in the future. So I had chosen higher level art as my subject. This is some of my arts. This art piece’s concept is “Life”. I had… Continue Reading →


My challenging part was to be open-minded. Usually, I wasn’t good on listening to other peoples or groups opinion because the problem was I am not good at understanding the language. My listening skill was fine, but my understanding skill was… Continue Reading →


I will be reflecting on managing my time schedule and having teamwork with the other students. For an example, in design fiesta we had to finish our illustration or printing stickers, creating the posters etc of course before the due… Continue Reading →

GCD 【Global Understanding】

I had an underwater explore for my activity. In this service group, I had learned about the global understanding. Underwater explore is a service group which is to collect some data by measuring the temperature and the depth, also the length…. Continue Reading →

Ryouko’s Freedom of Expression

My opinion is, there must be limit to express the opinion base on the terrorism happen in Paris. Overall I think free speech is fine to do and nothing is bad. Because people could talk what they want and argue in… Continue Reading →

Field Study Reflection In Okinawa Diving Trip

In Oct 17th to 21th, I went to Okinawa diving trip for two days five dives (I had a sea sickness so I get another extra class). I choose this trip rather than choosing the other trip because I didn’t… Continue Reading →

INS – Columbus, the Indians, and human progress

Has your perspective of columbus change? Yes Of native americans? No How can you read history and be aware of biases? ? If you were to write about columbus, what themes would you focus on, knowing that you cannot write… Continue Reading →

Gr.8 Student Led Conferences …_〆(゚▽゚*)

ATL is a abbreviation of the Approaches to Learning. It means in the future especially in grade 9 what should I want to do. So, the first thing I want to do is, work more harder. In grade 8 I also… Continue Reading →

My story (雑談です)

Hi, my name is Ryouko and I want to talk about Being alone. First, what do you think about being a lonely person? No friend or will she or he a happy person? I think you will think this kind… Continue Reading →

_Field Study_(♡´v`♡)✯*・☪:.。

The thing that I learned in field study was teamwork. While our team are doing canyoning and rafting, we help each other like in canyoning, they call the person in the water like “Grab the rope!” and pass to them…. Continue Reading →

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