Global Citizen Diploma(GCD) Reflection: Management

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Through each year, I had been struggling to manage my time especially related to pacing times working little by little. However, each year I have been trying out numerous ways to improve my management skills. Before improving the approach towards my management in time, I was not able to have my work developed each days to complete in the end, meaning that I needed to work on myself to start and complete the work nearby the deadline, which lead me in some cases to end in incomplete work, or require some extension. I had been working hard to improve myself from this situation, and the strategy I came up of staying after school worked successfully for me completing the work, so I am trying my best to have many works as possible completed in the limited time I have after school. However, since I applied this strategy, I was able to submit my work in right time, and even finish earlier than the due date. In those times, because I had few days before the work is actually due, I was able to revise my work with close attention, and in some case I was also able to contact the teacher before submitting to go over the work each other, so that I was even more prepared for the actual dead line.

Global Citizen Diploma(GCD) Reflection: Inter-cultural Communication

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Along taking some contacts with wide different people through out Grade 11 to 12, such as a professor who researches parasites, and another two different professor who researches about slime mold, and the another who researches plants. By having widely different contact with different professors, those professors also introduced me to new different people. In this case of inter-cultural communication, I was able to be introduced in one American beekeeper who is in America, who was an acquaintance(?) of the professor who researches plants. As I was not able to travel towards America, and the professor kindly handed me his phone connected to him towards me, so that I was able to talk shortly with him. We had been talking about trivial matters, however, there were many stories that interested me a lot. He taught me about the research of honey bee’s communicative competence which he was apart of it before, and told me that the movement honey bee makes in the hives are related to the transmission in certain message towards the other honey bees. The message might involve telling the location of food and the direction. This story was very interesting to me communicating along the inter-cultural person, and I am looking forward if I can contact him again to touch upon his different side of world I have been experiencing.

Global Citizen Diploma(GCD) Reflection: Global Understanding

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As being apart of the RIJ group, we had a opportunity to research about the actual reality of the refugees through out whole the world to have clearer image of the seriousness in the problem of refugees. Though if I hadn’t joined the RIJ group, through out my whole life I might have researched up about this issue of the refugees overflowing in the world. However, by joining RIJ, I was able to have the image of whole scale of information in refugees outer the world more than just in Japan. Meaning that, I was able to gain knowledge about other than Japan, there are way more issues related to refugees in each different countries that needs to be resolved. For some example, last year in France, there were around 100,000 asylum seekers which was the maximum value in the past, and I had no idea that there were this many refugees that are risking their life to exile(?).

Global Citizen Diploma(GCD) Reflection: Community Engagement

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Overall, I had been joining and working in the RIJ group throughout Grade 11 to Grade 12 in school. Along working in this community, it has taught me the importance in communicating with the whole group. This was because we were not able to move forward by talking in the groups, as some of the members were the first time meeting/talking with us, that some of them were also shy and afraid of giving out ideas and cooperate in the discussion. However, we have prepared some time for members to ask questions if they have anything to ask, so that it lead for them to talk little by little. At the end, the newly joined members were able to become more open(?), and we were also able to make a massive success in selling the actual product(tapioca) as part of our social activities. We had all our roles managed, which finally lead the selling to end in success. This opportunity taught me how communicating through partners are are very important, though it’s the best to be friendly before making actions, or working together.

PSHE First Draft

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Write a GCD Fit for Life blog post on your blog in which you name and explain four things you have learned this year (both in and outside of school) that could have an impact on how you live your life. Two should be habits of mind (like VIA Strengths or MBTI) and two should be healthy habits (such as sleep, good social relationships or body image).

My first strength for my health, is sleeping. Before, I had some problems with times sleeping.


*Note: If you do this well, you should be able to use it towards earning the Fit For Life element in the GCD (Healthy Habits or Habits of Mind).



“I think there shouldn’t be a rule or a reason for loving people” – The Juliet Interview

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This month we caught up with slim and beautiful Juliet from the family Capulets. We would like to interview her about the gossip with the relationship between Romeo. Can it really be so? Well, see for yourself!


What’s your view of the nurse?


Nurse is like my real mother. She helped me out when I bumped my head when I was young and small. She helped me a lot growing up too. If nurse didn’t help me out, I wouldn’t be who I am now(?).



There is a rumour about you that you are in love with Romeo, who is from your greatest enemies family. Are you really in love with Romeo even though he’s from the Montagues?


Yes, I am in love with Romeo. Romeo is my soul mate. When I found out he was a Montague, I felt some discouragement, but I thought it doesn’t matter which family we are in to marry. I also asked, “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

I think there shouldn’t be a rule or a reason for loving people. Because I don’t love Romeo because of his name, I love him as a person. I would still love Romeo if he had still had a different name.



Where did you meet Romeo for the first time?


At my dad’s party. Romeo sneaked in to our party, and I fell in love with Romeo at first sight.



So what happened?


We made contact, and had a “holy palmers kiss”. And so, we also made a promise to meet again.



Hang on a minute… What do you mean by the “holy palmers kiss”?


*Laughs* ?

We had a joke about the “holy palmers kiss”. I wouldn’t be talking much about it though 🙂

Are you going to abandon your suitor (Paris)?


I don’t see him as a suitor. But Nurse likes Parris, and she tried to convince me marrying with him. She also said “Romeo is as good as dead.”



Why don’t you ask the families to compromise, and marry confidently?


I didn’t thought my family will accept it, and because our family Capulets and Montagues fought last time, I thought it was hard to reach reconciliation just by talking.

G9 InS – Why didn’t they help?

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For Matthew Carrington’s case which happened in 2005, 4 collage friends stood by watching their friend Matthew Carrington dying.

He died from drinking too much water for the fraternity initiation games.

When Matthew was in danger from drinking too much water, and water filling up his lungs, they did not look at the situation seriously by mentioning that Mathew is just sleeping. This shows the bystander effect.

If one person had tried to help, then others might have tried helping him out. But because of the bystander effect, the 4 men made a bad choice.

G8 Music Soundtrack Task

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In music class, we are working on the music soundtrack, and for this task, we needed to create a short movie(story) and a soundtrack to match it to the video. My partner was Freddie and Kent.

Scene 1:

This scene was based happy, and starts from a bit slow tempo. The song was even jazz like, so we wanted the listeners to think that the characters in the scene is relaxed.

Changes :  For us, I think it mainly matched our cue sheet. In the cue sheet, we wrote the mood might be happy or romantic, but it actually made it jazzy.


Scene 2:

For this one, as the people hears it, I bet most of the people thinks that this music is imaged happiness. What it gives the listeners first, is that the sound used. Compared to the first one, you can tell that this song got more faster tempo. Even, the trumpets are used, so it’s easier to know what type of the music this one compared to the first scene.

Changes: This scene was mostly different to the cue sheet. In the cue sheet, we were planning to make the bongo stand out, but finally, it came up with trumpets standing out. The part which matched with the cue sheet was, making in upper tempo, and the mood.


Scene 3:

For this scene, the tempo changes again. Even, this scene reminds the first scene because it’s back jazzy again.

Changes: On this scene, we have made few changes by the cue sheet. Instead of using the acoustic guitar, we changed to mainly use strings. So the plan was written to have mysterious mood, but changed to a jazzy mood which is not really mysterious.


Scene 4:

Again and again, the tempo of the music changes, and for this one too. This lets the listener think “something is going to happen.” This is because the bass used in this music makes it more creepy(?), and the drums got in more accurate timing.

Changes: In the cue sheet, it’s written that this scene is a build for the climax, and this didn’t really change for the final product. The dynamics of this scene supposed to be soft, but we added the build up drumbeat, so this didn’t really match with the final product. The instruments supposed to use for the scene was cello for the first part, but we actually changed it to electric guitar, because we figured out that electric guitar sounded better than cello.


Scene 5:

Now this is getting even more creepier. The piano is making the discord sound, and even the part when the strings comes in, it makes the listener worry.

Changes: This mainly matched with the cue sheet, and we pretty much thought that this plan can stay the same.


Scene 6:

Connecting to the scene before, it uses the piano to create the mood of fear, and the strings comes in with an irregular rhythm.

Changes: For this scene, same than the #5, we kept it same.


Scene 7:

Here comes the serious theme! As you can hear, the crash cymbals starts off this track. After the crash, the strings and the drums creates the horror theme.

Change: This scene was one of the hardest ones to create the type of the music we wanted. But the final product might had the best degree of perfection in our scenes. To make the scene better, we came up with using mainly all of the instruments, and getting the information from the movie SAW’s soundtrack, we ended with this product.


Scene 8:

On this scene, the sound which is the music box(?) creates the dark mood. The listeners can’t imagine what is going to happen next by making them feel worry.

Changes: This was our main part of the whole story, and we tried to add some thing to our cue sheet ideas. But this was quite hard, so we thought of using the best one which was used in #7. So we actually combined the original #8 with the #7.


Scene 9:

The pierrot’s dark laugh breaks the gloomy and dark mood. Suddenly the horror theme(Scene #7) will start.

Changes: We didn’t make any changes for this scene.


Scene 10:

The climax of the whole movie. The sound used is mainly strings, and this makes the listener think it ended. Even after few seconds the theme started, the piano comes in, and two of the instruments creates an sad theme in the end.

Changes: Mainly there were no changes, but with Freddie’s idea, we swapped the sound from piano to violin which sounded better.


Process Journal

Cue Sheet



G8 Science: Eidetic Memory

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  • What is the myth you are looking at?

Eidetic Memory


  • Where did the myth come from?

One of the oldest and famous pianist Arthur Rubinstein(1887/1/28 – 1982/12/20) looks like he had a eidetic memory. He could memorise the sheet music by reading through one time, and he described his eidetic memory as “photo copying in the eyes”


  • Why does it matter that this myth exists? (Moral, ethical, social, environmental, political, cultural, OR economic issue?)

If this myth exists, it would be easier to find a talented person, and help the research for something that is not sure.


  • What is a better, current theory about the working of the brain?

For memory, we all humans use a part called hippocampus. First, information goes through by the neurons. This is the STM(Short-Term Memory). Next, the information which affected the neurons the most will get more receptors, and this is LTP(Long-Term Potentiation). Finally, for the final step, Protein biosynthesis happens, so then the synapsis will grow(?). After this step, human will remember things for long time. Either the information didn’t go to the last step, people can easily forget those information.



Used Sources:

Adams, William Lee. “The Truth About Photographic Memory.” Psychology Today. Psychology Today, 4 Nov. 2006. Web. 12 May 2015.

“Kioku No Shikumi.” Smart Lecture. SLG, n.d. Web. 12 May 2015.

Comparing books and films: The Outsiders

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Out Siders


Novel   Movie

I really enjoyed the movie for a variety of reasons. The characters showed a lot of emotion. We were not able to see this much emotion in the novel. An example of this was when Darry was shot by the police. I really felt like I was there and like I lost a family member. This was because actors showed so much emotion.


If there was a choice between the novel and the movie, I would choose the novel. This was because I could take more time with the novel. Also, in the movie, it cut out some events and also added some events from the novel. For example, the part where Johnny stabbed Bob was not in the movie but was in the novel. Actually, Bob was more of a character in the movie than in the novel. I also liked that in the novel, the story opened up with Pony Boy’s narration. In the movie, it opened up with a bright outdoor scene of grass and a field. The narration made it more emotional and more of a connection with the character right away. In the movie, there was also narration but it was a few minutes after the movie had started.


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