GCD Wellness Reflection


I will reflect on physical and mental wellness achieved through cross-country.

Joining cross-country was a “spur of the moment” decision which led to a very contentful result. I had cross-country practice every week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school, and Tuesday morning. I went to three practices in order to prepare myself for the cross-country race on every Saturday. As running became part of my life, I realized that on the days I ran, I was generally very happy and open-minded. On the days I did not, I was usually weighted by lethargy and inclined to procrastinate. Running gave me a sense of achievement, which was really motivating and effectively changed my choices. For example, after the race, I am often very hungry and instead of eating junk food, I chose to eat apples and drink gas water because they help my muscle to heal, as well as there were much more health benefits. I tended to sleep earlier not only because I was exhausted from running, but because I wanted better performance.  Of course, it was really difficult managing school work and running, but I am very glad that I have.

Running taught me a number of things including the correlation between my mental health and physical activity; I have always know about this but I have never experienced to this extent. I have also learned that ultimately, I am the only one to push myself and keep myself going because running is an individual sport that no one is there to push me but myself. I learned that not everything is a team sport and it is very important to cheer for others but what really motivated me in races was myself. When I ran, I would seep into my own world and shut everything else. I was deaf when I ran and was only capable of listening to my own voice inside my head. It was a weird experience not being able to process any auditory information. It was almost like a meditation while constantly moving my legs and arms because I was deeply in my own world.

I was not extremely happy with my result, and I am very excited to improve myself until the next season.

The experience was a really important to me which made me realize that I need a physical activity to cope with stress. The experience also enlightened me that I need to push myself and always persevere because I would always be happy about not giving up. Joining cross-country was a seemingly appalling choice in the beginning but eventually led me to an amazing outcome.

Here are some pieces of evidence:





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  1. Momo,
    Thank you for your insights into the mental and social benefits from running. It seems that your “spur of the moment” decision has really paid off. I wonder whether you run out of season?

    • Hi Ms. Page

      Thank you for reading my post.
      Since I also play basketball, I haven’t been running but I am planning run during the holidays to stay in shape:)

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