GCD Management Reflection

I will reflect on how I manage time and work on daily basis.

I am an IB student. I am a traditional Japanese dancer. I am the leader of ARC. I am a basketball player. I am a part of dragon council. I take part in MUN. I also take part in volunteer tour guide for foreigners.  I am a member of HOPE. I am an ensemble member of the high school production. I do part-time jobs. I am a sister, a daughter and I am a friend.

As I listed all the things I do and have been doing for at least the last couple of months, I have exhausted myself.  The list continues since there are many ongoing projects right now. For instance, I am planning two fundraisers, a Japanese traditional dance performance, and a birthday party within this month.

I am a busy person who is constantly out. I am always busy during the week and especially weekends. However, I never forget to have a time for myself to hang out with my friends and be part of my family. The only reason I can manage all this is that I have an organized system of planning ahead. I have a planner that I keep all my schedules and to-do list in. It is color coordinated and a column to write hourly plans in. I would never be able to be organized without my precious planner. I also log my sleeping time as sleeping is a crucial part of mental and physical health.  The habit of planning ahead had been a part of me since the freshman year of high school. I used to plan the tiniest thing hourly because I wanted to do so much in a limited amount of time. I would plan ahead the minutes of which I ate and the seconds at which I use the restrooms. Unfortunately, now the environments have changed, the insanely detailed plan is no longer possible to follow. However, I still plan the approximate hour I would spend on a particular project depending on the prioritized list.  The planning not only keeps me organized but also keeps me motivated and focused.

I also plan ahead in order to achieve my two goals and 2017 new year’s resolution, which were:

  • have a study day every week ( study intensely without doing anything else)
  • sleep at least 6 hours a day
  • be punctual and responsible

So far, I have been able to achieve the goals almost every day/week. I am very proud of this because I used to be very unorganized, hence unpunctual nor reliable.

To an extent, the experience taught me that time is precious because I usually have less time than I need and I am can only deal with it through an effective planning process. I also found reliability in myself and therefore I have much more self-confidence.


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  1. Momo, This post is a pleasure to read (I wish I was your English teacher!). It’s clear you are a very busy person who manages your time well.

    Having said this, the GCD criteria for this component says “Effectively execute a role or position of management in a group or activity to which you have made a sustained commitment, developing management skills in the process.”

    You mention lots of groups that you are involved in, but do not actually link this to the criteria. To successfully complete this component, you need to “manage a project, activity or significant event effectively, with evidence of a sustained commitment, either within or outside of school. You need to “describe and identify the development of management skills necessary to facilitate the organization of a project or group, including resources, time, finances, and/or personnel.”

    I’m happy to discuss this further with you if you wish.

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