Crashing Parties, Stolen Kisses, and The Horrible Memories

Taken on July 22,2012 by Moyan Brenn

The left drinks drank by Romeo and Juliet at the party on 1595.

This month a huge party was opened by the Capulets. To reveal the truth behind the party we caught up with Romeo – the man who stole the kiss of a Capulet. He was once lovesick with a different woman but now says he has found the one. Read on to know the latest information!

We know how there was a party opened by the Capulets. How were you able to get in? Who did you go in with?

I first had some bad feelings about going to the party. I even know that I’m a Montague. But, you know, I’d say that that party changed my whole life. It brightened me up so much and relieved all of the weight off of my shoulders. So, yeah, I’m glad I went, it was a great chance I got. I went in by having a huge mask to cover up myself and tried to look natural at the party. I went with Mercutio and Benvolio.

Well if I say I didn’t have any smooches it’ll become a lie.

Would you regret not going to the party?

I would definitely regret if I didn’t go to the party. Also by going to the party I got to meet someone special. (Blush) But overall party I loved it!

We heard you met a Capulet called Juliet, is that true?

Oh! You know about her? I did meet Juliet.

What was your first impression of her?

 I never saw a woman like her. It was faster than light, I thought I was watching a dream. For the first time I immediately fell in love with Juliet. Her smile was bright as a sun. My unworthiest hand were unable to touch but when I reached out I couldn’t stop trying myself to take the risk. And we’re still planning to meet in the future I guess.

Any midnight smooches? Come on we know you kissed Juliet right??

Well if I say I didn’t have any smooches it’ll become a lie. And is true because I did kiss Juliet… (looking right)

What were the words did you used to get a kiss? Do you remember any phrases?

Do I have to tell you? (sigh) I use prudent words and turned over Juliet’s words. I wanted a kiss so also used metaphors and rhyming words rhythmically. A phrase I said was “Well then, saint, let lips do what hands do. I’m praying for you to kiss me.” And went on “Then don’t move while I act out my prayer.” and kissed her.

Are you guys planing to live together or to marry? Who’s helping you to take contacts with Juliet?

Yeah we are planning to marry but this should be secret to my parents and her parents because I can definitely see there angry face right away. We contacte each other by talking with the Nurse.

However didn’t you love Rosaline?

Oh great, you say that name right now?(crosses arm) As I told you before I’m in love with Juliet!! Okay!?!?

What did you like about her?

I hate her now. I’m even confused why I loved her. I remember how she wasn’t desire to go out with me. Also she always declined me when I asked her out with crazy reasons.

InS Tourism Highlights

  1. What were the top three countries in terms in international arrivals in 2014?      France, US, Spain
  2. What were the top three countries in terms of international receipts in 2014?       US, Spain, China
  3. Explain the difference in patterns depicted by your answers of question 1 and 2? Maybe because America has more space and population which increased made it go into the top in the receipts in 2014.
  4. Describe the recent trends of tourism in Africa. Madagascar are bringing in more tourists.
  5. Describe the changes in international tourist arrivals between 1950 and 2010. (p.14) A huge change you can see right away is how all the number of numbers of arrivals have increased. However the number of arrivals in Arica are decreasing than all other countries.
  6. In your opinion, why has tourism increased since the 1950s? The increasing number of Tourist arrivals changed a lot overtime because everyone has the money to go and travel after WW2.

Koto Reflection (Clouds for Alma)

For the past few months we’ve been working on a piece called “アルマの雲(Clouds for Alma)” On March 11th we had a chance to perform this piece in the YIS auditorium which I think it went really well.

The main areas I focused on were counting for movement 1, having the right tempo on my right hand for movement 3 and movement 4 (line 6, measure 672~line 7,measure792). I thought I really worked hard on movement 4 and even when I learned my right hand for movement 3 wasn’t right I got to fix it right away which I thought I improved a lot. Also I learned the impact of metronome can have while practicing. And this worked because I cut the pieces into pieces and named pattern 1, 2 etc. Other challenges than this was to synchronise with Lisa and Emma (which were playing the same part) especially for movement 2 I tried to breath the same way and kept my feelings calm as possible. I always payed attention to how they move and how they play which lead a great performance and got the skills to listen to each others noise when gradually fading at movement 3 and 4. When I make a mistake I tried my best to go back into the piece as quickly as possible. Then especially for movement 4 I always tried to use the metronome to have a steady speed. After being able to play the entire piece we started to look at the dynamics which made me improve a lot because I learned how to play large sounds and soft sounds.

I might work differently for next time by using the metronome overtime and listening to the original piece will probably help me getting the overall view.

Overall I would say this was one of my best performance and as a group I think we used our time effectively for playing together and synchronising together. Individually I could’ve done better for memorising faster to go on with the dynamics. Also to be honest I didn’t meet my expectations of playing in a steady speed. For next time I’ll always use the metronome to solve this problem.

Process / Practice Assessment (Part 2)

This is our current song we’ve been working in Japanese music class. The song is called “Clouds for Alma (アルマの雲)”

This post will be connected to the post before. Process/Practice Journal (Part 1)

The first area I practiced was 4th movement, line 6, measure 672. I especially looked at the patterns of 八斗 on my left hand on a steady tempo and playing 九十 at the same time as 八, giving an accent on the first note to help me count. However I think I will need a lot more practice to have equal, strong and clear notes for both hands.

Secondly, I practiced playing the 九十 between every 八and斗. As I got used to the pattern so I tried to speed it up. However couldn’t play as fast as the original video which the tempo.  Also for the transition I tried it from a tempo of 110 and gradually increased the number. Then after the spring break I got to play it in a tempo of 150. And this tells me that I will have to work on more.

Lastly, I practiced line 7, measure 792. Over the break I played pattern 1 (9, 10 played at the same time with 8) pattern 2 (9,10 played between every note) and pattern 3 (9,10 playing after playing 8 and 11) which made me accomplish a lot at the same time a bit. So after the break I will practice pattern 4 (9, 10 played at the same time with 11).

Overall I could’ve done better because I know I have to memorise the whole piece. In addition I saw how I needed to repeatedly do the same pattern.

Columbus and the Native Americans.

  • Has your perspective of Columbus changed?

No, my perspective never changed after reading the print and watching the video. I always thought Columbus was a negative person to the native americans. I have watched this video on snapchat which really made me think about Columbus and made my opinion stronger.

  • Of native americans?

I never really knew about them until recently, however I thought native americans were really poor and I heard that they where like “animals” but in my opinion I think could’ve revolutionized by them selves slowly, and didn’t need that much victim and a new leader.

  • How can you read history and be aware of biases?

I learned that its hard to have non biases writing, however I think to read history we can read it from both perspectives to decide what is actually the truth.

  • If you were to write about columbus, what themes would you focus on, knowing that you cannot write everything about everything?

The three main these I’d have is about:

  1. what he wrote exaggeratedly in the letters.
  2. what he really did to the native americans.
  3. the perspective from both sides.
  • What themes did your readings choose?

My reading chose about triad of the “Old” world and the “New” world

Process/Practice Journal (Part 1)

This is our current song we’ve been working in Japanese music class. The song is called “Clouds for Alma (アルマの雲)”

There will be an another blog post similar to this. The second post will show (an another video playing the same part) how much we improved during the winter break.

The first area I practiced was 4th movement, line 6, measure 672. My goal was to have a steady pace of my left hand, playing 八and斗. Then at the same time I wanted to accomplish playing the 九十 at the right timing. Also my goal is to have equal, strong and clear notes when playing with both hands. Then tried to give accents on the first note and  to get use of counting. During the break I’ll practice separately of my left hand (八and斗) and right hand playing 九十. Then after playing with both hands I’d practice how to count the notes and the transition to the next pattern by reading the notes out loud while I play.

The second area I practiced was (same movement) line 6, measure 732. My goal was to play the right hand in the right timing. At the same time I was concerned how to count this pattern. So this will make me practice especially this part because I’m still not use to play quickly. However by knowing when to play the right hand I’ll use the metronome to gradually increase the pace to play faster. In extend another goal would be to practice the transition between the pattern before and after this measure which are the same however, difficult because my right hand can’t keep a stable tempo when I include the 九十 between all the notes. To prevent clasping my right hand, I’ll play this pattern slowly repeated times.

The third area I practiced was the next page (same movement) line 7, measure 792. My final goal was to notice the difference between the first pattern. Then as you can see in the picture of this pattern. the counting doesn’t always start on the right side of the measure. Therefore I’d practice by listening to the youtube video and watch the scores at the same time.

Psychology Intro Blogpost

In Individuals & Societies class we’re starting to have a unit about Psychology. This is my third blog post from the class but it will be an intro blog post. So I will have to answer these question after reading part of a text book.

  • What is the difference between altruism and prosocial behaviour?

From the text I learnt that “altruism, the ultimate goal is increasing another’s warfare, regardless of personal cost or benefit.” and this tells me that even a person could’ve done a prosocial behavior it can be a egoistic action which makes a difference between altruism. Also it said that “the idea that an emotional response (empathy) is generated” which means that the feeling empathy is needed to altruism.

  • Why do people help people?


  • Individually think of a situation in which you helped others, and analyse the reason/motivation for why you did it?

Nature vs. Nurture Part 2 (TWINS)

After watching this video, as a summary I learnt how at that time (late 20th century) it was unethical to separate a twin for a twin study. So the statement “Twins are better off separated” made this happen. I can see that they can tell us how the impact of the twin study made them both feel unpleasant. “We felt our live was orchestrated” by one of them. However after meeting one of them felt relieved.


Nature vs. Nurture

I learnt in the debate how adults treat babies by their stereotype from the first video. It was clear that lots of the adults looked at the babies fashion and decided what toy to play with. Even though a female baby denied to play with the toy truck the adult continued to play with the truck just because she wore a male fashion.

Also to the second video I’d say its nature that their genes has adopted to run faster maybe because they run to transport and its nurture to have the value “stronger they win to live.”

To answer the question “Is our behaviour dictated by our genes or our environment?” I’d say that our behaviour is dictated by both genes and our environment. For an example even a child has genes to be smart if the child couldn’t go to a school it’s possible for the kid to have a low IQ.

Koto – Reflection on Waraba Uta (as a fresh men!)

On October 16 we had our concert called “2015 NYC Tour Benefit Concert” at BankART Studio in Yokohama.

You can see pictures of the concert from here!

One of my favorite picture is this one:)


As an individual I thought I had enough time to prepare for the performance. I had average number of practice videos I made to show how my progress was going. Also it was effective to change the way of submitting the video. This year the submitting way was in a google form and we needed to fill in 3 boxes and put our link to the video. By changing it to a google form became very easier than blog posting every time. In addition as a whole group we were able to remember the song by end of September which gave us 3 weeks to improve on detailed parts in the piece such as the dynamics.


One of the biggest challenges was playing an exaggerated dynamics on the base koto. For me I took time to practice this to play. I needed to play a huge sound on the fist note then play piano the next note and crescendo the last two notes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.39.08 AM


How did I overcome the challenge?

I asked Ms. Miyama and Mr. Patterson (which are my koto teachers) then learned that I needed to bring my arms and picks up in to the air then drop it on the strings. Therefore I got achieve this goal.

What did you learn as a member of the group?

I have learned that we need a strong communication between the player. For example to decide an extra day to practice with everyone we chatted a lot on social media and chose the date. Also it was a good opportunity to become a leader to clear the times.

Overall I enjoyed the whole 2 moths working on this piece.