Unit 1 Reflection – Spanish

I think that compared to the start of the unit, my skills have improved drastically. Especially with my understandings of the past tenses and when to use them due to us spending a lot of time in class with it. I think that my stronger points with the language is speaking and creating sentences with my knowledge, however I have a lot of room for improvement for listening as it is still quite difficult for me to pick up on meaning when a native Spanish speaker is speaking since they talk quite quick and it takes me a while to process the language before responding. This unit, I also learned a lot about ways of expressing myself, for example emotions, as well as ways of expressing things that I see, since this unit was mainly focused around arts. To further improve, I must make sure that I have a steady studying habit for Spanish and that I am constantly practicing my tenses since I still often get myself muddled up or forgetting them since there are many things to memorise. My goals for the rest of the semester are to improve my listening and writing skills so I can achieve my full potential.

Romeo’s Obsession; Rosaline Reveals All

Every month, we, at Behind the Scenes go ahead and host an interview with one of your favourite and our most requested star from the past edition’s reviews.

This month, we have a very special edition with quite the interesting guest who has recently been romantically linked to our dearest sweetheart Romeo Montague. Now, let’s see what’s so special about our guest Rosaline that has gotten Romeo to be so infatuated with her and what she has to say about him.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.19.01 AM

Rosaline Capulet on her Mansion Rooftop on Monday April 25th; Picture Credits: Hana Perkins


As a beautiful young lady, you definitely have a line of admirers leading your way. You’ve especially been linked romantically to young heartthrob Romeo. Have you heard some of the things he’s been saying about you?

I’m sorry, who exactly? Sorry, I don’t quite recall being interested in anybody at the moment.

(Awkward laugh) The, uh, son of Old Montague and Lady Montague…?

(Rolls eyes) Oh, I see. Oh my. This is about the hundredth time I’ve heard from someone that he’s been talking about me, but the thing is, I can’t be bothered to actually stay around and hear what it actually is he’s been saying since I really couldn’t care less about him.


So now we know that there has never been a spark between the two of you, but would you ever consider him?

I mean, he’s a cute kid and all, but the constant amount of clinginess will not win me over since I’m especially not looking for anyone ever, let alone him.


Now, when you say you’re not looking for anyone ever, why is that? Does it happen to have a connection with a few other revealing things that Romeo has been saying about you. For example, “O, she is rich in beauty, only poor/That when she dies, with beauty dies her store.” Is it true that you are a virgin and that you plan on keeping it that way?

Yes! I actually very proudly am a virgin and like I mentioned before, I’m not looking for any man ever, to change that. It’s how I decided I wanted to live my life and nothing’s going to stop me. Not even a couple of horny boys! (Chuckles)

                    “It’s how I decided I wanted                                        to live my life and nothing’s                                               going to stop me.”

And how does it make you feel when Romeo talks about you like that, so blatantly?

If it was someone I had feelings for or cared for, I would feel a little hurt because I would ask for them to respect my decision and all, but since it’s him, it doesn’t worry me too much at all.


Wow! You are such a strong, young lady. As a powerful role-model for women, how would you like to empower those women who are struggling with the problem of getting pressured into sleeping with someone and how they can stand up for themselves?

I think really just to stand up for what you believe in as well as don’t let others disrespect you for your decisions. Also, don’t let them degrade you just because you won’t do what they want you to. In the end, you will be thankful that you didn’t give in and and that you stayed true to yourself.


(Nods head) I see, I see. And just to bring this whole interview to a close, what about a quick input from you on the forever ongoing Montague-Capulet feud that has been happening recently? Any sides you choose to be on?

Yeah, I’ve been hearing that the fighting’s been getting worse lately, but I don’t have a particular side that I am on. On the other hand though, just because the Montagues have an annoying son who doesn’t know when to give up, I may just have to go with the Capulets. (Laughs) Plus, I’ve heard their daughter is very nice and I wouldn’t mind joining her for coffee or tea one day.

Reflection for Spanish

Recently in Spanish Class, I’ve been learning about legends and morals in stories which means I’ve learnt a few things here and there. The first thing that I’ve learnt, are a bunch of new legends coming from different cultures that I hadn’t heard of before. In this unit, not only did we hear other legends, but we also got to have the chance to translate one that we know and while doing that, I learnt a lot about the conjugation forms of the three past tenses and last but not least, I learnt the differences between when to use each one.

A question that I still have, which is to do with this unit is I wonder what country or group of people were the first to start storytelling as a norm or storytelling with morals.

Something that I have been getting really good at that has also helped me improve my study habits, is being more organised and neat with my work as it allows me to see all my work much clearer as well as easily find things. Another thing that I really liked and helped me with my studying was the conjugation chart that Ms. Hill made for us as it’s really easy for me to access straight away.

My goals for next unit is to get better at speaking out loud in Spanish which means for me to be more fluent and have flow in my words.




Hilton (Increased, October 2015)

From October to November, the Hilton Hotels stock earnings went up 51% and became the highest percentage it had gone up all year. This is because, around that time in a few places in Latin America, there had been economic growth which led to needing more lodging as more and more people start to come as tourists. According to Hilton, the net unit growth was 16% more than the year before, with 13,000 new rooms being added to the hotel chain.



Vtech (Decreased, December 2015)

Around December of last year, the stocks for an electronic learning products company called Vtech, decreased majorly when they were the target of a major hacking scandal. The hacker, hacked into the servers of the company and released the personal data of 6.4 million children and 4.8 million adults. The personal data consisted of names, emails, passwords and addresses.





Starbucks (Bad in the long run)

In the past couple of years, Starbucks has become an extremely popular coffee shop, but is it’s coffee and products really that good? And is the quality of the drinks as high as it’s costs? I think that Starbucks will do bad in the long run as once the hype amongst younger people for Starbucks has calmed down, the only reason people will really go to Starbucks is for the food which they 26% of profit from or their sweeter, more appropriate for younger people drinks, but the coffee lovers won’t as a lot of the time, people complain about how the quality of the Starbucks coffee is awful and a lot of the time the less known, smaller coffee shops have way better coffee. Another reason that Starbucks may do bad in the long run is that depending on the season, Starbucks likes to create seasonal drinks and a lot of seasonal Starbucks drinks have been absolute flunks and along the way for Starbucks to be thinking of new and ‘improved’ remedies, they will start to think even more out of the box and crazier which may lead to even more disgusting beverages. 





The Effects of Music on Memory

I believe that the Guns ‘N’ Roses song will have the most effect on the memory and will make people forget the most amount of the words as there is a lot going on in rock songs therefore distracting people and jumbling up their brain. I think that the next song that will have the second biggest effect on memory loss will be Let It Go as since it is a very popular and catchy song, everyone will know the lyrics to it and will be unintentionally or unable to stop themselves from singing along. After that, I think it will Lucy in the Sky with the Diamonds as not as many people know the song as well as it’s a very jolly tune that will make people calmer. Lastly, I predict that white noise will have the least effect as it is what most people are used to and since there’s nothing going on around them, they won’t have any distractions. However, I do not think that the songs will have that much of an effect on the memory as you can block them out as well as even when there’s white noise, your thoughts will still evade your mind and you can’t stop yourself from thinking other things.

To complete this experiment, in 3 different groups, we chose 3 different genres of music and a certain song from those genres and white noise was just a given thing that we had to experiment with. The 3 genres that were chosen were boyband, rock and ballad while the songs for those genres were Lucy in the Sky with the Diamonds by the Beatles, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘N’ Roses and last but not least Let it Go from Frozen. We then got a sheet of paper which included 2 tables, each with 4 columns. In the first table, in each of the 4 columns there were 13 different words while the second table consisted of blank space in each of the 4 columns. We then received instructions that we had to memorise the first column of words in a minute while there was white noise in the background. After the one minute had passed, we had to write as many of the words we had remembered in the first column into the blank first column of the second table. We then proceeded to do the same one minute memory exercise for the 3 different genres of music.

My results were actually different from my hypothesis however there was hardly any change in the number of words that I was able to memorise. With white noise, I remembered 9 out of 13 words, for The Beatles I remembered 7 out of 13 words and for both Guns ‘N’ Roses and Frozen I remembered 8 out of 13 words.

Spanish Reflection of the Semester

What are you most proud of?

I think what I am most proud of about myself is how far I’ve come in being able to conjugate my preterite tense in Spanish as well as my piecing of a sentence together and understanding the sentence structure in Spanish and how it’s different from English. Also, what has become a life lesson for me and I’m proud of as well are my organisation skills that have gotten better and I can now find papers that I’m using quicker than I used to be able to.


Have you improved your speaking fluency and confidence?

Fluency wise, like I mentioned before, I became more fluent with having the correct sentence structure alongside using transitional words to jump from sentence to sentence however, I am still quite wary about my confidence as I will always have doubts about if I’m wrong and being wrong leads to embarrassment.


Expanded your vocabulary?

My vocabulary has definitely expanded as I am now pretty fluent with describing and talking about clothing as well as shopping in markets and all around and my vocabulary bank has definitely grown.


Finally mastered a verb tense?

I think I can finally say that I am able to conjugate preterite tense as I have spent a lot of time working on perfecting it.


Completed all your assignments to a high quality?

Except for one assignment in which I had a few problems, which I also learned from, I have put a lot of effort into putting as much vocabulary and new things I have learnt into my assignments to demonstrate my knowledge clearly.


Developed better study/learning habits?

Like I mentioned before, my organisation skills have become better which made it much easier for me to study as I know where all the materials I need are.